"Friends" Describing The Student Slump

"Friends" Describing The Student Slump

the slump between spring break and summer vacation


You know that point in the semester, after you've come back from spring break and are feeling refreshed and relaxed and schoolwork just doesn't fit into your agenda?

Yeah, me too.

I feel like it's the most common slump that college students go through- getting back from break and it's just really, really hard to find motivation to finish out the semester. And it's the worst because the profs are loading on the homework, you're preparing for finals, and summer break is in sight... yet you're stuck at college.

It's that feeling of being DONE.

The one day (okay let's be honest, like most days) you didn't do your homework and the prof calls on you to share your answer

When someone asks you how to do a certain problem or for help in a certain class

When you have to go to class and you don't want to

And you get to class and the prof asks you to turn in the assignments he had assigned over break


When you show up 25 minutes late to class

Or you just skip class altogether

When you're not paying attention and the professor calls on you

When your roommate walks in on you have your third mental breakdown of the day

When your prof says "Have a great day," after assigning a 10 page research paper that you both know you won't do well on

You talk to your mom on the phone and you're like

When it's 12:01 and you're in bed and you realize that you had something due online 12:00

When a prof assigns a random homework assignment that was never mentioned on the syllabus

When you express your concern to your professor about your current grade and they say "oh you'll be fine!"

Getting a pop quiz like

When it's dead week and everyone else seems to have no work while you're over in the corner trying to study in peace and quiet

When you've already dug yourself pretty deep this semester, and then it gets deeper

And at this point you don't know what self-care or self-love is because you dissapoint yourself daily

When it's the evening and you just want to continue binge watching Parks and Rec but your duties call and you can't do what you want

When your advisor doesn't help you when trying to plan your classes out so you leave the appointment with more questions than you came with and you still have no idea what you're doing with your life

When your prof decides to make the test in class instead of take home, which now requires a lot more studying

Or you already have 2 exams in the next week, 2 quizzes, 3 reading assignments, and you have to go get your flu shot when your professor assigns a random writing assignment

When your parents ask if you're going to pass all your classes and you tell them "of course!"

Sitting in class and you're trying not to cry

When you tell your parents you may not pass a class so you'll have to retake it and they think you're joking

Before an exam and you see your friend across the room and you both know how it's about to go

When the professor announces they're going to curve the exam (because of how bad everyone did)

When you ask someone from your class what they got as an answer to a question and they say "I really think you should do your own work..." and you thought you were all in this together

When that one know-it-all in class reminds the prof about the reading assignment

When your professor asks you before you take an exam if you're going to pass

But on the inside your conscience is telling you:

When you didn't study for exam because you had a lot going on... or let's just be honest, you didn't want to

When a prof reminds you that part of your grade is participation, and you only have a few weeks left to step it up...

When your professor say that there is an extra credit opportunity that requires participation outside of class

When the whole class tells the professor they should offer extra credit because all of your grades need it at this point

When your friend who said they were going to also fail the exam ends up getting a good grade and you're left floundering

Before an exam you talk to your friends about it- expecting them to feel just as worried but turns out, they feel confident....

When you have no motivation and don't give a crap, and you're realizing that you may be the only one crashing this hard

When you posted you doing something fun on your snapchat story and you told your mom that you were studying and she starts calling you

When you missed your alarm, forgot about an assignment, failed a quiz, spilled your coffee on yourself, and didn't get a nap in

When your friend turns in the homework assignment without comparing answers with you first

When you're in a group chat and discussing the test you just took and everyone is saying they got C for question 3 and you got B

When someone else is feeling done too and sasses the professor in front of the whole class

When the prof gives you an exam with information that (you don't think) was never covered in class

When your dad asks you what you're doing with your life

When it's hour 7 of studying for your final exam

And then you hit hour 10 and you still don't know any of the information

When you have already grieved the bad grade and you realize there's nothing you can do, but then you find out that you did worse that you thought possible

When you (barely) pass a final exam and you expect all your friends to just be there waiting to celebrate you

When your professor sits you down to talk about your grade and they say... because now you both know, there's really no hope for you.

And you tell them... because of all the tests they gave you, quizzes they surprised you with, and assignments they gave and expected it to be just a participation grade

And it gets to the end of the semester and you know you probably could've done better or given more effort, but...

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