Why Friends Is Better Than The Office

5 Reasons Why 'Friends' Always Makes Me Laugh Harder Than 'The Office'

It's been almost 20 years since Friends ended, but the fanbase just gets larger.


The show "Friends" has ended almost 20 years ago but never fails to make you laugh. The comedy in "Friends" is the kind that makes you laugh out loud while the comedy in "The Office" is more dry humor. The characters in "Friends" are recurring so viewers develop more of a bond with them. It also has more relatable content. You're likely to have a friend that's like each of the characters in the show. Although "The Office" is a good show, it doesn't give you the same feeling as when you watch "Friends" and certainly doesn't make you laugh as much!

1. Mondler 

Who doesn't love Monica and Chandler together? I mean could there BE a more adorable couple?! Yes, there's Jim and Pam in "The Office," but Monica and Chandler are obviously the much cuter couple. Monica and Chandler are each other's best friend and would do absolutely anything for each other. Monica and Chandler are the OG couple and were each other's best friends before they were in a relationship. A one night thing turned into a lifetime of happiness for both of them.

2. Chandler and Joey's bromance 

Now for everyone's favorite pair of best friends. Without Chandler, there's no Joey and vice versa.

These two original roommates have made the show so much funnier, and what better way to show how much your best friend means to you than sitting in a box? In "The Office," there are many friendships like Michael and Dwight. but none of them compare to the best friend relationship of Joey and Chandler who would do anything for each other. Chandler is always supportive of Joey's acting career and never fails to be there for Joey when he needs him the most.

3. Ross and Rachel

The second Rachel walks into Central Perk and the rest of the gang's lives, everyone knew Ross and Rachel were meant to be. This on and off couple immediately wins over your heart. Their ups and downs show that life can get crazy, but everything happens for a reason, and in the end, the journey will be worth it. \

In "The Office," there's no couple that everyone knows will end up together except Jim and Pam, but they don't win our hearts as much as Roschel. No matter how many different relationships they are involved in with other people, deep down, Rachel and Ross always love each other.

4. Chandler's sarcasm

Chandler's the group's comedian and never fails to tell a joke that would erupt into laughter. There's always a comedian in each friend group which makes it so much more relatable. Although in "The Office" there are many characters that people might relate to, some characters can be harder to relate to. Chandler's jokes are always on point, compared to the humor in "The Office" where it's pretty much Michael doing or saying out of the blue things.

5. They show how best friends can turn into family

The cast of "Friends" shows that best friends can turn into family. They spend every single day together and as a group, they portray the definition of true best friends.

In "The Office," it's hard to pinpoint moments where they all are a family. Yes, they are each other's friends and colleagues, but it doesn't feel the same way as the relationship as the six characters in "Friends" have. Their friendship with each other is all they rely on in the big city of New York which makes it more meaningful.

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The End Of The Semester As Told By Todd Chrisley

Because we're all a little dramatic like Todd sometimes.

The last 3-4 weeks of every college student's semester are always crazy hectic.

We have last minute assignments, group projects, and exams all squeezed into the last few weeks before break.

Sometimes we all need a little humor, and sometimes we are all a little dramatic, so why not experience the last few weeks of the semester as told by the king of drama himself, Todd Chrisley of "Chrisley Knows Best."

1. Sitting in class listening to your professor explain upcoming assignments/exams.

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3. When you and your roommate try to cook with whatever few ingredients you have left in stock.

Because we definitely want to avoid going to the grocery store at the end of the semester if we can.

4. When your parents get tired of you calling them about every little inconvenience in your life.

5. Sitting down to work on assignments.

6. Your thoughts when the professor is telling you what they want from you out of an assignment.

7. When you've had about 30 mental breakdowns in two days.

8. Trying to search out the class for the right group members.

9. The last few days of classes where everyone and everything is getting on your nerves.

10. When your friend suggests going out but you're just done with the world.

11. This. On the daily.

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The Top 10 Gay-Themed Commercials That Should Be Celebrated

Gay-themed advertisements are an important part of our representation in pop culture. Here are the ten best gay-themed commercials that deserve celebration.


Advertisements have a long history of reflecting and influencing popular culture. As someone from one of the boroughs of New York City, I've always been surrounded by advertisements. So it is extremely obvious to me why representation in these advertisements matter. Commercials online and on television are no exception. As a gay man, I'd like to present you with ten commercials that make me feel a sense of pride.

1. Israeli Gays Get Distracted On The Beach

Israel is a safe haven for LGBTQ people living in the Middle East. While places like Saudi Arabia and Iran treat gay men horrifically by enforcing Sharia Law, Israel welcomes them with open arms. That open minded attitude was even more obvious with this commercial from 2006.

2. Pepsi Brings Out The Confidence In One Guy (With A Gay Twist)

This Pepsi ad from the UK has a comedic twist that will delight the viewer with the main character's confidence. I find the women's reaction to him passing by each of them even more humorous than his friend's reactions.

3. Doritos Gay Sauna Contest Entry That Could've Gayed Up The Super Bowl

This commercial was created as a contest entry where aspiring filmmakers could create commercials for Doritos. The winning entry would be aired during the Super Bowl and the filmmaker would win a cash prize. This viral smash didn't make it, however. It seemed unfair, as several straight-themed commercials feature tons of innuendo. Unfortunately, it seems as though gay male sexuality is still threatening to some.

4. Campbell's Soup Portrays The Adorable Gay Household We All Wish We Had

This Campbell's Soup commercial is a short and sweet depiction of two gay dads sharing a sweet moment with their son. If it proves anything, it's that gay households are just like any other.

5. Marriage Equality Gets An Endorsement From Tide

While marriage equality has been a source of debate over the years, the only thing wrong with this union was the attire chosen for it. A brilliant twist ending courtesy of Tide.

6. This Heinz Commercial Is A Gay New Yorker's Dream Come True

As a gay man and a New Yorker, this commercial makes me very happy. Affection between same sex couples hasn't always been something we could see on television. However, this Heinz commercial squashes all that.

7. A Sweet And Unexpected Coming Out At McDonald's

This McDonald's commercial from Taiwan features a twist ending that is heartfelt, not comedic. For anyone who has struggled coming out, this should hit you right in the feels!

8. Sister And Brother Fight Over The Hot Pool Boy... With Coca-Cola

A nice bottle of Coke is quite refreshing. Who knew it was the perfect ice-breaker to approach your crush? This ad features a brother and sister competing for the pool boy's attention. However, it seems like someone else beat them at their own game.

9. This IKEA Commercial Was A Historic Turning Point

This classic IKEA ad from 1994 was groundbreaking for gay representation in advertising. It would be remiss of me not to include this important commercial on the list.

10. What Happens When Your Dad Sets You Up On A Tinder Date?

It's always nice to have your parents acceptance. However, even for gay guys, parents can get a little too close for comfort. This Vote Savvy ad portrays just that. But hey, they mean well, right?

Whether comedic, heartfelt, or provocative, these ten commercials have done wonders for gay male representation in advertising. It also reflects the representation of gay men around the world. From Israel to Taiwan to the UK, these commercials reflect the growing acceptance around the gay community. As far as I'm concerned, that's something to be celebrated.

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