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I Would Like To Thank Those Kids Who Called Me Frida Kahlo

When I was a little girl kids would taunt me by calling me "girl with the Uni-brow", I thank them because I would not have been able to find my idol.

I Would Like To Thank Those Kids Who Called Me Frida Kahlo,_by_Guillermo_Kahlo.jpg

Ever since I can remember, I have always been a person who may not have had the best body quality. By this I mean, I have always been very self-conscious about how much body hair I have for being a girl. When I was a little girl, kids would taunt me and say things that often would hurt my feelings because I did not understand. Then, I understood that children can be very mean and nasty. The one thing that did resonate with me was when they called me a certain name: "Frida."

Frida Kahlo was best known for being a Mexican artist who painted a lot of self-portraits that often showed her in nature or in some euphoric state. But what many people know her for is the girl with the big eyebrows and the big uni-brow. When I was very small I too had a big eyebrow, and along with that, the big bridge of hair that connected both eyebrows. At the time, I did not understand why kids called me by her name. This was because I looked like her in their eyes, physically that is.

Over the years her name resonated with me because I started to learn why she was so popular. She was part of the Mexican post-revolutionary movement, she was very big in her politics and art. She joined the Mexican communist party and through that, she met her husband Diego Rivera who was a muralist artist and was also part of the Mexican communist party. She suffered from a strong traffic accident that left her paralyzed for a very long time and she slowly recovered.

Frida Kahlo is my female role model because through all the adversities she went through starting in early adolescence, she still persevered through. She became one of the best-known people of her time because she was a woman and she spoke like she was a man. She was so strong and she thought she was as strong as any man. I think this is something many women struggle with, they believe that men have all the power but in context, that is not the case. We women are just as capable as any man and can perform just as well. I guess you can call her a feminist but she did not consider herself one she just believes things should be a certain way.

Despite all the things she went through she was always passionate and full of life and that is something I aspire to have every single day. I am sure this is something that a lot of us struggle, letting procrastination shit and we feel so drained and gloomy. I aspire to be like Frida because her soul was always filled with light and she never gave in to her demands.

So, if I kept in contact with those kids who would call me by her, I would probably say thank you because without their worlds I would not have been able to find my voice of wisdom.

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