Why Freshman Year Is An Okay Time To Ride Solo
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Why Freshman Year Is An Okay Time To Ride Solo

Embrace Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" with all your heart girl.

Why Freshman Year Is An Okay Time To Ride Solo

The great part of going off to college is you can start on a fresh path and have new perspectives. This does not mean you have to completely reinvent yourself, but instead, just start a new journey that is decided entirely by you. Whatever you want to do, you can now. I entered freshman year wanting a clean slate and to leave most of the high school memories just as that, memories. As an extremely independent person, I was dying to go off on my own and do my own things. In retrospect, the best thing that kickstarted my college career honestly was being single.

I was able to enter college with no stress of long distance or balancing a boyfriend. Not to say that if you are in a relationship that it is a problem, but for me personally, it just made life so much easier. I felt the freedom of living on my own for the first time and freedom of creating new relationships/friendships all at the same time. There was no pressure of worrying about texting my boyfriend back or checking to see if he had made it home safe. I just had to focus on me, and that is not being selfish, it is simply putting yourself as a priority. I think a lot of people are worried that if they have not already met someone in high school, then they are the odd ones outcome freshman year of college.

Or if they do not meet someone new right away freshman year, then their love life is doomed. Which is so far from the truth of it all. Being single at the start of college allowed me to enjoy the journey I was on to such a great extent. I was able to experience my first semester of college with no reigns. That meant I could go with my friends whenever and wherever and casually talk to anyone if I so chose. Flying solo was not a bad thing at all and is even becoming more embraced in society every day it seems. So do not under any circumstances stress about "finding the one" your freshman year of college.

This is because there is finally a time when you can go do whatever and talk to whoever you choose and have no worries about it. Embrace the freedom and fun that freshman year has to offer and don't sweat not having a relationship, because it really is not the biggest deal in the world. And if you are single freshman year, there are always apps like Tinder which are guaranteed to provide memorable laughs but other than that, good luck.

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