I never thought something would go faster than my senior year of high school, but somehow freshman year of college flew by faster than I would have ever imagined.

This year, a lot happened that has changed my life for the better. I made new friends in which those friendships will last a lifetime, and I have lost in touch with a handful of friends from back home due to the hectic college experience. Those back from home I did keep in touch with, our friendship is even stronger than ever previously before. But now what? You made memories with people you just met that now mean the world to you and you have accomplished more together in such a short amount of time it is remarkably insane, and now you are packing up your dorm room ready to head back home and say goodbye to these people you spent 9 months with straight. It is an incredibly hard thing to do if you ask me, and there are for sure going to be tears shed when you guys officially say goodbye for a while.

This year, a lot of memories were made, but I was also pushed to have fun and to challenge myself academically. College is A LOT of work, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. You spend countless of hours doing homework and actually having to study days in advance for your exams and you really do ask yourself how you managed to sit through seven hours of school every day Monday-Friday during high school. During that time you need to make sure you allow or put time into making memories that will literally last a lifetime. Consisting of sporting events, "school" holidays, and anything your heart really desires or what you end up doing will mean the world when you get to look back it during the summer when you actually somehow miss school in terms of reuniting with your college friends and doing college activities.

Then you get home, and you see your home friends, in which it feels like you guys were never apart in the first place and everything falls in place. Some will take summer to get more advanced in school work and take summer classes to stay ahead, which is what I will be doing this summer. But best of all...SUMMER BEGINS!! Who does not love summer? It is hot outside, iced drinks, tanning, road trips, and visiting destinations. My favorite, visiting Devil's Lake in the summer with all my friends. It is my favorite place on earth. You can relax on the beach, float on the lake, or take a hike and take in a beautiful view.

So now what? Now you enjoy your summer and make the best out of it.