They Don't Tell You, But Freshman Year Is Really Rough
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They Don't Tell You, But Freshman Year Is Really Rough

Did I mention it's really hard?

They Don't Tell You, But Freshman Year Is Really Rough
Allison Faith

Freshman year? "Best year of your life! " they said.

Seems they forgot the hard parts.

No one tells you that you are going to question if you are enough. That sometimes you will care way too much about your Instagram likes or compare your life to someone else's on the explore page.

That sometimes you will question if your outfit is good enough or why hers is better. And maybe, you have gained the freshman fifteen and now you are counting calories. Or maybe, it's the guy who has not snapped you or texted you back and now you are asking yourself, "why am I not good enough?"

No one tells you that your faith is going to struggle. No one mentions that you have to fight to have a relationship with God in college if you want one. That you do not have parents to nag you to go to church events anymore but, instead, if you want Jesus you've got to fight to have him. Every so often, you are tempted and you give in (thank God for grace). But, sometimes, it is not until your freshman year that you realize how much you need your faith.

No one tells you that you are going to really want your parents from time to time. That, occasionally, you miss class because you don't hear your alarm go off and they are not there to make sure you are up. You realize laundry is hard without your mom there, so is being sick, and taking care of yourself in general. Even though they are a phone call away sometimes you just need them here.

So, freshman year? Pretty hard.

I hope you keep running and persevere to the finish line.

I want you to know you are worthy. Your life is always incomparable to someones else and so is who you are. You are stuck with what you look like so you got to learn to love it and your closet is limited (and so is everyone else's in college), so it's okay to not have a perfect outfit. I bet your Instagram is still cool without hundreds of likes. I know God will not be asking for your amount of Instagram likes from the Alpha Kappa Sigma Phi Tau Epsilon formal you went to one weekend.

I want you to know your faith is special. God does not have to fight to be with you He is already there, but you might need to chose Him. You are going to need Him there when you don't get snapped back from the boy you like, you feel overwhelmed by schoolwork, or you really miss your parents. Luckily for the mistakes you've made, there is enough grace for the worst and best of us. Pursue Him, your faith is important.

Be honest about your struggles and finish the race well.

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