I cannot even believe I am writing this, but someway somehow my freshman year of college is as good as complete. I feel like freshman year of college is this big scary thing that I have been thinking about since at least my sophomore year of high school. And now, in around eight short months, it's over. Reflecting back on the beginning until now, the number of things I have learned and the amount of personal growth I have experienced has been incredible. So I thought I would share five big highlights and a few funny moments.

Even though I did not want a new start, college gave me the new start that it gives to everyone. I really finally got to learn who Sydney Fowler was without all of my past accomplishments and failures clouding my identity. Though it was scary at first, I figured out where I needed to put my identity in, and that was Jesus Christ. I decided before I even got to college that I wanted to put more of a focus on my faith, and I am so glad I did because I know my freshman year of college would not have been as amazing as it was if I didn't. So shoutout to Catholic Campus Ministry here at Miami and Miami University Young Life for giving me those opportunities to grow in my relationship with God and shoutout to God himself for never leaving my side!

This year I also found a good place of study for me and am so happy to be a middle childhood education major! The classes I have taken so far have just confirmed why I want to be a teacher and has introduced me to so many amazing people. Education majors are the best and teachers are the best and I am so lucky I get to be around them for the next four years. I've learned so much from my professors and friends, and I can't wait to see what the future brings!

I also got the chance to be in a musical here at Miami, which was so exciting because I was not sure how much performing I would get to do after I started college. I played the role of Lenora in "Cry Baby," and it was so so so fun and such a blessing. I got to sing, dance, act ridiculous and be around such talented people. Thank you to Miami University Stage Left for giving me the chance to still do what I love!

In February, after the longest winter break of my life, I joined a sorority, which I really wasn't sure I was going to do for a while. But, I am so glad it happened! I am now in Gamma Phi Beta with my roommate/best friend and many other girls I already knew. It was so cool that a lot of us ended up going G Phi together. And now we're all sisters! I met my awesome big and so many other incredible women. Can't wait to keep building strong girls next semester!

Probably one of the best things to happen to me this school year was being placed as a Young Life leader for Young Life's ministry Capernaum. I now get the amazing opportunity to love young adults with disabilities and walk with them on their journey with Christ. It is truly such an honor. Also, another plus to this is that I am on a team with six other leaders who are some of the most incredible and loving people I have ever met. They have pushed me and encouraged me in my faith so much, and I am so blessed to serve with them.

A very funny reoccurring thing from this year is that my beautiful roommate sleepwalks and talks, and it's absolutely ridiculous. Just recently she walked up to my bed in the middle of the night and started lifting up the covers and repeatedly asked me where the brown graph was. If there is some sort of brown graph, it definitely wasn't in my bed. After being slightly frightened, I told her to go back to bed and she happily did that. There are surprisingly many more funny/scary stories of her sleeping adventures. Love her though.

Miami University has given me such a memorable first year of college, and I am so thankful that God led me here. The people I have met have touched my life so much, so if you're reading this, my friends from Tappan Hall, Young Life, Stage Left, Gamma Phi or class, thank you so much for impacting my life and I love you.

Thanks, freshman year, for all the memories. Can't wait for more.

Song of the Week: "All to Myself" - Dan + Shay