10 I Learned Freshman Year Of College That Were Not On Any Of My Finals

As this year is coming to a close, I can honestly say this year has been an adventure.

Before I moved into my college dorm, I did not think college would be like this. From destroying my sleep schedule, living off freezer food, or having an unimaginable amount of assignments in one week.

Freshman year has been full of twist and turns but it helped me learn so many life lessons and gave me so many memories I will cherish forever.

1.How to be a good roommate

How to be a good roommate is one of the first biggest challenges when moving into a college dorm or even into a house for the first time. Learning how to be respectful, keep your space clean and organized, and just knowing how to be flexible is important.

2. Stress Management

This is more of an necessity. While focusing on academics and balancing your time can be important, high stress levels are even more important. Take a hour break, relax or go for a walk to get your mind off of school. Sometimes the best thing to do is stop studying and walk away for awhile.

3. Its okay to stay in

Going out can be fun, but sometimes staying in and having a movie night is completely okay. Don't feel like you need to go out in order to have a good time, staying in is total fine especially when you know you need it.

4. How to be independent

For most of us, freshman year of college is the first time we have ever had to live on our own. I used to hate being alone, but now being in college I enjoy my alone time. Walking to class alone, studying alone, or just relaxing in my room. Just because I like being social doesn't mean it is wrong to do something alone once in awhile.

5. How much I appreciate my family

After moving out of my childhood home to a city two hours away, I learned how big of a family person I really am. After missing out on birthdays or family events it sad and you start to miss doing those things when you are able. Family has been one of that things that has helped me get through this year.

6. How to be outgoing

It is hard for me to be myself around people that I don't know because I am shy so going up to people I don't know trying to make friends in the first few weeks was really hard for me. I learned not to be afraid to sit by someone new in class and make a conversation. College has truly taught me how to outgoing even when I want to be shy.

7. How to network

In college its important to remember you are surrounded by people who are either going to be in the workforce or already are. Go to office hours, talk to your professors, and go the extra mile to work for what you want as it will benefit you in the future.

8. How to be there for others

Learn how to be there for your friends, roommates, and even people who you don't know very well. College can be some of the hardest and stressful times people have faced and they need some support. So reaching out and being supportive is important as you might be the only thing they may have.

9. Not to take a single day for granted

Sometimes its hard to remember to live every day to the fullest while drowning in homework and trying to stay caught up in the stresses of school. You only have about four years for school, so making the most out of it is important.

10. Most important. Learning how to be myself

I learned to allow to unapologetically be myself in all situations. I learned that I chose who can be in my life. I no longer try to hide who I am. I learned to be who I want to be and not care what anyone else thinks about me.

Freshman year has been full of many memories, challenges, and life lessons. These are the most important lessons I learned this year. College truly is an adventure.

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