20 Experiences Alabama Students Recognize From Freshman Year, If SpongeBob Rolled With The Tide
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20 Experiences Alabama Students Recognize From Freshman Year, If SpongeBob Rolled With The Tide

Experiences from a college Freshman as told by SpongeBob GIFs.

20 Experiences Alabama Students Recognize From Freshman Year, If SpongeBob Rolled With The Tide

Freshman year of college is a hard time for everyone and we all have different experiences. Here are just a few that are the most common at The University of Alabama.

1. Leaving home for the first time

Every freshman thinks they're the coolest when they leave home for college because you're a ~college kid~ now...well you're not that cool let me tell you. College is a place where demons come to cry so get excited!

2. Realizing you actually aren't going to see your parents for more than a hot minute

When I first came here I thought I would never miss my parents because I'm and ~independent woman~


I miss them like crazy whether that really means I miss free meals and no responsibilities.

3. Meeting people from different places

It's always weird hearing the weird accents and basically different cultures from people across the country from you or even the globe. Yeah, people from other countries come here too just look at the population of Burke.

4. The freshman 15

STOP EATING YOU'LL GET FAT. My friend gained 45 pounds in one semester trust me it can happen to you too. I'm not exaggerating at all...

5. Trying to work off the freshman 15

Workout while you can because the gym is a horrid place that smells like dead souls and skinny bodies that once were.

6. Regretting taking an 8 a.m. or anything before 10 a.m.

DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING BEFORE 10 A.M. This is your first warning...

7. Not knowing where any of your classes are

When your biology class is on the engineering quad but you cant figure out which building it is because they all have the same abbreviations.

8. Failing your first test

It may seem like the end of the world because it is. Just kidding! Now you know how to study! I would say it's only uphill from here but it's not.

9. Meeting your best friend

Meeting people isn't as hard as it seems. And when you meet your best friend you know what I mean.

10. Not realizing how humid it is and sweating to death during any season that isn't winter

I sweat so easily and Alabama weather doesn't help. The humidity is literally 98% every. single. day.

11. Finals…

College finals suck more than you'll ever know. You think high school finals are bad? No baby, college finals are written by Lucifer himself.

12. Deciding grades are more important than going to Rounders for T-shirt Tuesday and every other day of the week

After your first semester, you'll understand how absolutely horrible and money hungry Rounders on the strip is. Paying cover that's upwards of $20 to buy minuscule, watered down drinks that are $10 each is not the move. Stay home and study for your test the next day, baby. There are band parties and darties that have no cover and give you free beer on a night you don't have to study.

13. Realizing how horrible neighbors in college dorms are

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've wondered why there is a marching band, group of Somalian pirates or parade of elephants running down the hallway of Presidential 1 at 3 a.m. ...

14. Understanding how broke college kids really are

Remember paying that $20 Rounders cover the other night? Yeah, that's why you can't afford that Dominoes pizza.

15. Pollen in the spring...

If you've never experienced the south during pollen season...oh baby you're in for a treat. It's like Christmas but instead of elves, presents, and Santa it's filled with yellow pollen covering cars, coughing and/or sneezing every five minutes, and ~mono~

16. Popularity in college is not a thing

If you thought coming to college would be just like high school popularity wise... you're so wrong. In college, if people know your name it's not for a good reason.

17. Having a messed up sleep schedule

I don't have a class before 2 p.m. all week so I usually stay up till 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. every night... It's not fun missing the whole day because you're asleep. Go to bed at the latest 2 a.m. and if you have any class before 10 a.m. ...good luck, Charlie.

18. Not having a mom or dad clean up after you

Having roommates that act like a tornado by spinning in a circle and throwing food all over your room is a real epidemic. Cleaning up after them is even worse...

19. Your dining dollars will run out so fast

By the end of the first month of the second semester my friend had ordered so much Dominoes and bought so much food from the Presidential Rec that she literally had 2.73 dining dollars for the rest of the semester... yeah, I know.

20. Realizing college isn't that bad

There are a lot of horrible things that happen in college but overall it's truly the best four years of your life.

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