Freshman Fever: Am I TOO Excited For College?
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Freshman Fever: Am I TOO Excited For College?

How to prevent a "Freshman Faceplant."

Freshman Fever: Am I TOO Excited For College?

Your freshman year in college is an exciting part of many teens’ lives. There’s packing to be done, dorm decorations to be made and/or purchased, and of course, roommates to be met. But is there such a thing as too much pre-college excitement? Is it even possible for a rising college freshman, facing one of the biggest challenges and opportunities of their lives, to be TOO excited about beginning the next great chapter in their book of life?

The blind excitement experienced by many rising college freshman is a phenomenon I like to call “Freshman Fever.” Rising college freshman who have “Freshman Fever” exhibit symptoms of excessive social media posts about how ready they are to be at college, countless Twitter retweets from college related accounts, and an overall attitude of childhood giddiness not exhibited by the individual since the time at which they received their first cell-phone. The most tragic part of Freshman Fever is that those who suffer from the condition often neglect to realize that the time they have with their loving families, who have supported them through thick and thin, is quickly running out. Soon, those who suffer from Freshman Fever will arrive on their prospective campuses, say goodbye to their parents, and realize (it may take days, it may take weeks, or it may take seconds) that their incredibly supportive families will no longer be as large a part of their lives as they had been before. This stage of Freshman Fever is what I like to call, the “Freshman Faceplant.” It’s the realization that those who suffer from Freshman Fever go through in which they are presented with the harsh reality of extreme independence, responsibility, and accountability. This, my friends, is a terrible sight to see.

To be fair, Freshman Fever (in small doses) isn’t completely terrible. In fact, without varying degrees of Freshman Fever, many rising college freshman would lose all enthusiasm to prepare school supplies, decorate dorm rooms, or even meet their roommates! If you take anything away from this editorial, please DO NOT let it be that I am telling you not to be excited about your freshman year in college. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth! However, it’s all about moderation folks, that’s the key! It is incredibly normal to experience any number of emotions when the thought of beginning college arises, but the key is to prevent those feelings from urging you to wish your summer away.

The Cure to Freshman Fever

So how does one prevent an extreme case of Freshman Fever? One, spend as much time with your families as you can, while you can. With move-in day rapidly approaching, it will become very easy to get swept up in the hullabaloo of packing and planning. Be sure to schedule time with your families and plan packing and other college preparations around this time to avoid schedule conflicts.

Two, get together with your high school friends and lifelong pals. The thing about GOOD friends is that no matter which college or university they attend, or which state they live in, they will always be there for you. The relationships you have with your childhood friends should not be taken for granted during the summer before your freshman year. Be sure to get together with your old buddies and make some new memories!

Thirdly, decide upon a reliable method of communication for you to keep in touch with your family and friends back home during your freshman year. This way, if you do happen to experience the dreadful “Freshman Faceplant,” you know you have the support of your friends and family that you can access at the click of a button. Facetime, Skype, texting, and especially the occasional phone call can all work wonders on homesickness!

Lastly, ENJOY YOUR SUMMER! Your freshman year in college will no doubt be an incredibly new experience and it is easy to wish away your summer because you are too excited to be in college. Slow things down, make memories, find love, go crazy, and above all, make the summer before your freshman year in college a summer that you will never forget!

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