Yayy cold brew. The coldest of all coffee brewing methods. Nothing says "hip" like sipping on a mason jar of cold brew.

Long ago, I vowed that I would never write anything, even paid, about cold brew ever again, as my freelance stuff is usually saturated with such demands, and after a while, they get quite repetitive. But, here I am, once again, talking about cold brew. Though, in a slightly different fashion.

Making French press cold brew is pretty easy, and all you need to make it is:

1 cup of coarse ground coffee, dark roasted preferably

4 cups of clean and filtered water

1 (one) clean French press

3 patience.

The first step is to grind the beans, like ya do, on probably the most coarse option on your grinder.

Then, pour about half of the water into the press, followed by all of the ground coffee, and then the remainder of the water. Doing this helps everything mix a bit better, and prevents grounds getting caked up. Next, cover the top with something to prevent dust or flies from finding the way in.

This is where the 3 patience comes into play. Cold brew can take upwards of 15 hours to steep, depending on your tastes. Because of this, it is best to make it when you think you might want some the following day.

With this recipe, I let it steep for 24ish hours, A.K.A whenever I see it sitting on the counter the next day, and remember that I had started it the previous day.

Once you think it's done, simply depress the plunger on the press, and store it in a glass jar or bottle. I like to use a Jim Beam bourbon bottle, as it fits the full 4 cups, and is easy to pour from.

If cold brew is usually a bit too murky for you, as it sometimes is with me, you can easily filter it through a paper coffee filter by pouring into a normal coffee machine brew basket, straight into the bottle.