Places To Go In And Around Fremont, CA
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Places To Go In And Around Fremont, CA

In case you get bored of San Jose or San Francisco...

Places To Go In And Around Fremont, CA
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The Bay Area of California has a lot to offer inhabitants and visitors alike, especially in the bigger cities like San Jose and San Francisco. Fremont, too, has fun things to do and see, including the below in no particular order.

Niles Canyon Railway

My bubee (read, grandma) took me and my siblings on the train when we were younger, and I wish I could remember that! This is such a historic feature of the Niles Canyon area, which is astoundingly beautiful.

The Stanford Theatre

One of my favorite places in the entire area for sure. The Theatre shows several old movies a week featuring Judy Holliday, Charlie Chaplin, Betty Hutton, Alfred Hitchcock, and the like. It is only $5-$7 a person per show, and it is right in the heart of a college town.

Old Mission San Jose

Believe it or not, the mission is located in Fremont. There is nothing more touristy than visiting a mission when vacationing in California!

Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

This is at the top of my personal list to visit. It promises weekly showings branching off of silent film festivals.

Allied Arts Guild

I visited this majestically gorgeous place with my two grandmothers a few weeks ago. There is a lovely garden and many little artsy shops along with a cute cafe and multiple prime photo locations.

Ardenwood Historic Farm

I haven't visited this place personally yet, but according to the Google images that get pulled up it definitely lives up to its renowned reputation for beauty and charm.

Lake Elizabeth

You can probably guess at all the activities you can do with friends and family here, but who doesn't love a picnic at the lake on a warm California day?

Chabot Space and Science Center

A popular field trip spot for the area, and not without good reason. Chabot has multiple films, interactive exhibits, and operable telescopes. I especially recommend this to readers with children anywhere from kindergarten through middle school.

Restaurant Recommendations: Boudin's, Buckhorn Grill, Andersen Bakery

No list would be complete of places to go without some food suggestions!

Boudin's is famous for its sourdough, a California staple as far as I am concerned. And they have it in the shape of turtles, so... I don't really know what you are waiting for.

Andersen's is another favorite in the area. You can never go wrong with a cute cafe with good food and bread.

Buckhorn is fantastic. Here is a picture of what I ate. That tri-tip was mind-blowingly good in and of itself, but there was cheese and bacon, too!

And there you have it! Plan your next visit to the Bay Area informed of the jewels to be found in and around Fremont, CA!

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