Freedom Of Religion Is A Civil Right

Freedom Of Religion Is A Civil Right

The United States we know today was built by immigrants as a home for those seeking refuge. Who are we to change that?

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A few words in light of the hate being spread in America.

If you don't look like me, this is to you.

If you don't talk like me, write like me, or worship my God, this is to you.

If your skin is brown, or red or black, or English is not your first language, this is to you.

If your parents were not born here, and you've been fighting to survive, this is to you.

You may not feel welcome in this place that is my home.

But that is all wrong.

America was made to be a home for the homeless,

a beacon of light for those who have found themselves lost.

We have forgotten that our freedoms are founded by those who were fleeing persecution.

Persecution of religion.

This place was not meant to be a home for one color, one language, one God.

America has forgotten to love thy neighbor as thy friend.

I have not forgotten.

This is your home as much as mine.

I will fight for your safety and your freedom.

Please do not give up on us, we have not all forgotten.

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