5 Of The Best Free Ways To Have Fun On A School Break
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5 Of The Best Free Ways To Have Fun On A School Break

Because there's no student discount for a Mexico vacation.

5 Of The Best Free Ways To Have Fun On A School Break

Over spring break, some people party in Cabo San Lucas. Some people chill on the beach in Florida. Some people live it up on a Bahamas cruise. I have been eating a lot of cereal and sleeping.

I’m happy for everyone who worked hard all year to save up for an awesome spring break trip, but I know that wasn’t in the cards this year for most of us. However, as it turns out, Netflix binges get a little old after two or three days and I feel the need to come up for air. Spring break doesn’t have to be on a tropical island to be fun and adventurous! Here are a few fun ideas I thought of to make your spring break a little more exciting without spending any money at all.

1. Window shopping.

This may not seem like the ideal spring break activity. I know a lot of people hate window shopping because it just reminds them of what they can’t have. But isn’t it true that we always see cute clothes we want to buy in the store when we don’t have money, and when we do have money, it seems like there’s nothing we want to buy? So head to the mall when you don’t have much to shop around with and make a list of cool things you want to buy when your next paycheck comes in! Try on spring sun dresses at Forever 21, see if you can get a free mini makeover at Sephora and check out what samples are available in the food court. You can make a full day out of hanging out at the mall without breaking the bank!

2. Go to the library.

I mean the public library, not the school one that you’ve spent endless nights at cramming for a test. It’s refreshing to read for fun for once, when you don’t have homework hanging over your head. If you don’t have a library card, you have plenty of time to go get one over break -- it only takes a few minutes. There are so many great new young adult novels hitting shelves right now. If stories aren’t your thing, check out the non fiction section and become an expert on something totally random over break so you can impress with your new knowledge when you come back to school.

3. Learn to cook something.

Most of us have random ingredients of some sort lying around our home kitchens or dorm rooms. Dig them out of the back of the cabinet or the bottom of the pantry and Google something you can make with them! If you need motivation for this one, just binge watch the most recent season of Masterchef Jr. on the Fox Now app. Seeing 7-year-olds who already have a signature dish will definitely make you wish you could at least make pasta without burning anything.

4. Go to free day at the local zoo or museum.

Did you know that many museums, zoos and other fun public places have one free or discounted day a week now? Look at the website for the closest nearby exhibit and get out there! Invite your friends or siblings too, if they’re around. You’ll learn something new and probably end up with a ton of cool Instagram photos at the end of the day.

5. Outdoor adventures.

The great thing about the great outdoors is that they belong to all of us. You may say you have nothing to do over break when there’s a new hiking trail or public pool right outside your door. Take your dog or just your iPod and go on an adventure! If you’re not spending the whole break at the beach, one day at the lake could be almost just as fun. You’ll feel better at the end of the day when you’ve been active and in the sun, rather than spending all day in bed watching some episode of "Full House" for the billionth time.

Those are just some quick ideas off the top of my head that I’m going to try and accomplish over break. Sometimes, it’s okay, even fun, to stay home. You can most definitely enjoy yourself on a budget. Get out there and make some memories!

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