People SUCK

Wow, here we are again!!! Being extremely upset with the content I repeatedly see OVER and OVER...why don't we all just write about rainbows and unicorns if this nice and kind sh*t is so hard to come by.

1. People SUCK


Like actually, why are you so opinionated and hateful? I love speaking my mind, but not at the expense of others.

2. Words hurt…


I sometimes can't believe I actually read an article of a WOMAN herself calling other women "mules to men"…and how she does not believe in equality. *cries

3. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt LOL


SO FALSE. There's never been a more false sentence; I've seen too many articles abusing and oppressing women, men, and people of color to an extreme that's so uncomfortable, but I know that the "freedom of speech" law can't control their words, but sometimes I wanna just DM them and ask why they decided that was gonna be their article of the week.

4. I want to write about things I'm passionate about, and get them noticed, but sometimes these dumb a** articles, because they are controversial, GET THE VIEWS!


Why is my hard work- and others hard work about powerful and empowering topics not talked or viewed on more?!

5. Just be kind


Sometimes such an easy rule and way of life is SO hard for people to realize. Be kind, Be Wise, and Be Strong. But don't let your own "personal ways of living" cut through and cut down other peoples livelihoods.

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