Yesterday was Free RPG Day and while I didn't get a treasure horde, I did in fact have a fun time in participating!

It all begin with me meeting my friend Jo on the 2 train. I had invited her a few nights before and she was pretty excited to go. Once we had gotten off, we say that the rain we had persevered against was no stronger than ever! The two of us persevered against the elements with only our trusty magical map (read: Google Maps) to guide us. After what seemed like forever (it was really a few blocks) me and Jo reached the mecca we were looking for: The Compleat Strategist.

A wee bit of history and explanation: The Compleat Strategist is a gaming store here in New York City and is the only store here dedicated to just gaming. This was both our first time here and we were eager to check it out.

I got a quick-start of TORG: Eternity while Jo got a quick-start of Dungeon Crawl Classics. After that we took a look around the store. It had everything from small press booklets to mainstream giant tomes of adventure. After making a mental note of all the stuff I want, we then made a departure to a nearby adventurer's tavern (read: Wendy's) which proved to be a brief respite for the rain. After feasting on burgers, fries, and chicken nuggets, we left and saw that the rain had subsided.

And with that, we began our journey home.