Free Dragon Coloring Pages for kids - DDC123
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Free Dragon Coloring Pages for kids - DDC123

Today we have prepared some drawings of dragons so that children can color them. You can visit DDC123 to Download and print for free: Draghetto Da Colorare

Free Dragon Coloring Pages for kids - DDC123

Today we have prepared some drawings of dragons so that children can color them. A dragon is a mythological animal with a reptile-like appearance, with wings, horns, and the ability to breathe fire. Below you can download the free PDF coloring book that you can print and have all these coloring pages.

Free Dragon Coloring Pages

Below you have different sheets to download with drawings of dragons to color. Download the coloring sheets you need, or you can also find the PDF notebook below with all the sheets ready to print

Coloring book with drawings of dragons in PDF

So that you do not have to download these dragon drawings one by one, we have prepared a PDF file that you can download and it is prepared so that you can print these beautiful coloring pages for children. Access the pdf file to print:

If you have come this far looking for drawings of how to train your dragon, we recommend the official book of the film, where you will find different activities with stickers. You can see it at this link.

You can also visit our other coloring pages, such as the dinosaur drawings , or the unicorns .

Dragons coloring pages

Dragons are mythological beings, present in different cultures around the world. These mythological animals are a kind of giant reptile that also has wings. There are two types of dragons: European and Eastern. Both types of dragons are very different. Oriental dragons are of Chinese origin and have an elongated shape, similar to the shape of a snake, but with legs and wings. European dragons are often depicted as four-legged animals with scales and wings that allow them to fly.

These beings show traits of different animals. The dragons are inspired by reptiles like snakes and alligators. To the traits of reptiles, other traits of other animals are added, such as horns and wings. Let's not forget that dragons also have the ability to breathe fire. Chinese or Oriental dragons are more similar to snakes, and are not depicted with wings.

Throughout history, dragons have been present in stories, legends, movies and series. Some famous dragons are Daenerys's dragons in Game of Thrones, whose names are Drogon, Viserion, and Raegal. Other famous dragons are those from How to Train Your Dragon: Terrible Terror, Gronckle, Deadly Nadder, Night Fury (Toothless), Scary Zipperus, Monstrous Nightmare and Red Death.

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