I Went To A Frat Party For The First Time, And Here's What Happened

I Went To A Frat Party For The First Time, And Here's What Happened

Adventures with an Introvert.


I would consider myself to be kind of a boring person. That's not to say that I'm uninteresting or dull, I'm just not as "exciting" as most college students are. I don't like parties, at all. I think my first traumatizing experience with a party was when I had a sleepover with my friends on my 7th birthday. By 8 p.m., I was ready for everyone to go back home so I could be alone. Ever since I've been labeled as a bit of an introvert by my friends and family. I would say that I lean more towards the introverted side of the spectrum because I do vibe off of others energy quite well, I just need time to recharge.

I didn't experience much of the "fun" side of college my first year. I was always too busy working or doing homework, that I just never really put myself out there to do it. I'd already labeled it as something I wasn't into, so why would I even go? It couldn't hurt to see what all of the fuss was about. Last week, my friends asked me if I wanted to go "fratting" with them. For those of you who don't know, (because I didn't) Fratting is almost like bar hopping, except with the frat houses. I figured this was my opportunity to test the waters with a group of people I trust.

Now, on top of my introverted nature, I have chronic anxiety, and situations, where people are not in control of themselves, make that anxiety worse. Going into this, I prepared myself and my friends for what could happen if my anxiety gets out of control, and they were extremely kind and patient with me as we made plans. On that Thursday, my friends and I ventured out onto the streets.

The first place we went to was a kickback. I honestly had no idea what a kickback was, my friends explained it as a chilled out, an intimate party where people drink. The kickback consisted of meeting a lot of random people, and one guy shamed me for not drinking alcohol. For my own personal beliefs and reasons, I don't drink, so to be patronized for it got under my skin a bit. Nevertheless, I took my cup of cola and smiled.

At 11 p.m., we hit the frats. This is where things started to get more intense. I enjoyed that at the frats you can dance to the loud music, and no one really cares. However, it felt like I was the only sober person in the world. Part of me felt sad that I was missing out on the freedom from your mind that alcohol can give you, but quickly lost that feeling as I saw people start to lose it throughout the night.

People are all over each other and everyone seems like a messy kind of drunk. People are making out everywhere, the floor has spilled alcohol and sometimes vomit all over the place. I'm definitely out of my element, and I desperately wished I could call my boyfriend to come to pick me up. However, when you go with a group of girls, there's a sense of comradery, and you don't leave anyone alone. Not even to go to the bathroom, and after seeing the way some of these guys look at girls like they're meals and they haven't eaten in years, I'm not surprised we take those precautions. The frat guys walk around as if they are sharks and the girls are minnows. One guy even bumped into me and started to move in like he was about to eat me or something. (Yikes, that sounds wrong.) Thankfully my friend pushed him out of the way.

Mostly what I've learned from this experience is that going to frat parties is neither as good nor as bad as I thought it would be. There's something kind of comical about being the only sober person in the room, but I think to fully experience the fun at frat party, you have to be comfortable with drinking. (And also probably single). My personal experience wasn't anything special or horrifying, I was just submerged in a culture that I don't necessarily belong to. However, I'm glad I got the experience, I feel as though I understand not only college life better, but my friends interest better as well.

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23 Frat Boys You Will Encounter In College

"It's not a frat, it's a fraternity."

Frat boys are a species of men that is difficult to describe in one definition. So here, I present to you the frat boy dictionary.

1. The "I'm too old for this."

This guy stands at the back of every party holding a Budweiser. You'll find him telling someone about how he's grown far too old for Greek life. He's at least 20 years old and tries to act like he's everyone's dad.

2. The secret genius.

You've never seen him at the library or in class and he looks like he's got nothing going on in his head, but he somehow still got accepted to an Ivy for grad school. Truly inspirational.

3. The guy who keeps correcting you about his weird name.

You refer to this guy only as "yo" or "bro" in order to avoid a 20-minute conversation about his weird name. Examples of weird names include Alec and Ryne.

4. The plug.

He sells every drug you've ever heard of and sends you weekly Snapchats on bargain deals for weed.

5. The upside down visor guy.

He is so frat. He swears he's the most fly guy there is, but no one else seems to agree.

6. The guy who always makes fun of sorority girls.

His go-to sorority girl impression is yelling "oh my god" in a high-pitched voice.

7. The "I go to the gym" guy.

He posts weekly progress pictures on Instagram and randomly takes off his shirt in the middle of the party.

8. The dad bod.

He is totally aware of his beer belly and he loves it!

9. The "who gave him a bid?"

Nobody knows who let him become a brother. You know exactly who I'm talking about.

10. The DJ.

He will never hand let you have the aux, although he probably should.

11. The super senior.

This guy is like 27 years old and no one really knows if he's enrolled in any classes or even if he graduated, but he still shows up to everything.

12. The "it's not a frat, it's a fraternity" guy.

He goes super hard for his frat bros and wears his Phi Phi Fuckboy letters on a daily basis.

13. The sports jersey guy.

He wears a sports jersey at every party. If it's cold, he'll wear it over a crewneck.

14. The pretty boy.

He has long eyelashes, nice hair, and a nice smile. He also really loves his mom.

15. The Vineyard Vines guy.

He looks better in pink than most girls do and shotguns beers in drinking circles with his bros at every party.

16. The Eskimo brother.

He's hooked up with everyone and no one quite knows how he got away with that.

17. The liability.

At least 4 people posted a picture of him passed out on a couch to their Snapchat Story. He might've temporarily awoken from his slumber to throw up on himself. Nice guy, though!

18. The friend-zone.

Every girl loves him because "he is so nice," but you can't actually name one girl he's been with. He is usually treated like a puppy.

19. The accidentally creepy one.

He's a really good guy, he just says some questionable things sometimes.

20. The fat guy in a tank top.

All the girls hug him when he walks into the room. He is probably holding a beer.

21. The foreign dude.

He makes you realize how much of an obnoxious American you actually are and you question how he deals with all the other obnoxious Americans. He pulls all the chicks with his accent, of course.

22. The funny one.

Everyone always laughs at his jokes and you feel a sense of accomplishment when he laughs at yours.

23. The one who only responds to his pledge name.

You probably don't even know what his real name is, or maybe you think his pledge name is his real name.
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The Truth About Being A Fraternity Sweetheart, The Female Face Of The Chapter

What it is like to be the female face of a fraternity.


What is a sweetheart?

A sweetheart is chosen by the fraternity members and serves as the female face of the chapter.

How to become a sweetheart

The fraternity members vote on who they want to be the female representative of their chapter. The sweetheart is usually a girlfriend of a member or a close friend to the guys.


I am the sweetheart for the fraternity Beta Upsilon Chi at Auburn University. The fraternity is also known as Brothers Under Christ or BYX. The fraternity Brothers Under Christ exists to establish brotherhood and unity among college men based upon the common bond of Jesus Christ. At Auburn University. My boyfriend is a member of the chapter and this is how I first was introduced to the fraternity. After attending their events I became close with the brothers and when the time came around to vote for the sweetheart, the chose me! They gave me flowers and all! I still feel so special for being chosen to represent the BEST MEN on Auburn's Campus (I may be biased but still).

They become your "guys"

I love all of the members of BYX and they are like family to me. I want the best for them and in return, they also want the best for me. Whenever I see any of "my guys" on campus I am greeted with a big hug!

What a sweetheart does

As the sweetheart, I help plan and design events. I helped design a banquet for their ten-year anniversary of being on Auburn's campus. I made the centerpieces for the tables because I did not trust the guys to handle the flowers!!! This event was a blast because some founding members of the chapter were in attendance as well other alumni.

I also make cookies quite frequently! The guys love cookies (or any kind of food for that matter).

Game days

I made stickers and buttons for the guys and their game day dates to wear. The tailgate before the game is a must as well as sitting in block seating for the entirety of the game. Games are so fun when you are surrounded by friends!

Most Importantly...

I am surrounded by amazing, godly men on a daily basis who make me a better person and I get free T-shirts!

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