This past week Merrimack College was closed due to a storm that knocked out the power on campus and the town of Andover, MA and other surrounding towns. But what is there to do when there is no power since It is only light out for a certain time?Here are a few ideas on what to do when the power goes out:

1. Work on homework that does not involve WIFI

As an English major we have a lot of reading to do that does not involve using a computer so problem solved for English homework.

2. Take a nap

When in doubt, nap it out.

3. Go to the movies

Just because school doesn't have power doesn't mean that the movie theater is out of power.

4. Play board games

Who doesn't like playing board games when the power goes out?

Merrimack's power outage was an adventure for sure. Now my friends and I know what to do next time an event like this happens. But hopefully the power does not go out again.