I Finally Tried Fortnite And It Was NOT What I Expected
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I Finally Tried Fortnite And It Was NOT What I Expected

I honestly looked dumber than Joe Budden attempting to run down an up escalator.

I Finally Tried Fortnite And It Was NOT What I Expected
Will Farrell

My whole life I have never really been the type to really be that involved in video games. The main video games I played in my life consist of Madden and NBA 2K. I recently sparked an interest in the last year for superhero video games like Injustice and Marvel vs. Cap Com. I love playing video games that aren’t too difficult because I honestly look dumber than Joe Budden attempting to run down an up escalator when the controls and gameplay become anything more than basic.

I don’t even own any consoles to play video games on because I barely play video games at all. My birthday recently passed and by far the best gift I had gotten was a brand new Xbox One. It came with some games too like Rocket League and NBA 2k18 but it seemed as though nobody would get off of my back until I had downloaded Fortnite. I made many excuses including not having the money to buy the game but once I was told the game was free my fate pretty much sealed itself, I was going to have to try this game. I finally looked up and downloaded the game to find that I needed to buy Xbox Live to be able to play the game so I finally found my 'out', an excuse to finally use as to why I wasn’t able to play this stupid game.

My roommate then looked at my Xbox and found I got a three month free trial for Xbox live…. How convenient.

I then fired up the game and turned it on. It seemed pretty simple to maneuver around. This game wasn’t entirely new to me I had of course seen every guy within a 100 mile radius play this game religiously and I understood the concept, survive. Out of 100 people in the game I just needed to survive and be number one and that killing a lot of people along the way may not be necessary but beneficial and you’ll look a lot cooler to your friends. I played my first ever round and it was confusing to say the least, I didn’t know any of the controls or how to find any weapons or any good places to start at. Without any knowledge I managed to place 38th which isn’t bad. I then played a couple more rounds and called it a night. The game was more for fun than competitive for me.

The next day I decided to pick it up again to get my mind off studying for my very important final. I played one game, I landed, I found weapons and I started to understand basic concepts of the game. I thought it was fun somehow deceiving everyone by not dying for a while and lasting long even though I knew I would inevitably and surely die. While playing the game I noticed I was doing pretty decent, I made the top 50, then top 30, then even top 20. I somehow managed to disguise myself and avoid any confrontation. I then felt a bit scared because I knew I would have to attempt to kill someone and it was by far the hardest thing for me in the game. I watched the amount of people continue to drop down and I was now in the top 10. I then felt my competitiveness in me take over and I had confidence that I could win this thing! I got my best gun ready and heard the footsteps of someone approaching me, I was ready for this. Then boom out of the corner of my eye they came and shot me and I shot back and the controller rattled vigorously and I could feel the nervousness inside of me, I really did not want to lose. I finally began to take control and I was going to kill him, my heart was moving faster than a dog chasing it’s own tail. I actually was in position to kill him when I heard a thump, a gunshot and a screen projecting in big letters that I had placed 9th. I was shot by another player behind me which led to my demise. Why'd he have to do me like that?

Although I did not win I felt the rush that people were talking about, I understood why this game was cool. I then had my brother download the game at his place and we were both noobs and began to become pretty decent at the game and what we needed to do to win. The fun came more from trying to place higher than my brother than from the game itself but it was enough to keep me wanting to play the game.

Nothing beat the rush than getting my first kill in the game, although it may have been a sloppy mess which left me with near no health after which led to me dying and placing 50th, I had never been more thrilled.

All in all, Fortnite has been much more fun than I could’ve really expected. I may not be the type to play it all day every single day but I think I have become more socially acceptable now that I have. socially acceptable now that I have.

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