Anyone who is subscribed to Forever 21's email blasts knows they're extremely flirty. Like...

"I feel bad leaving them on read."

"I feel like they're triple texting me."

"I feel like I need to either love them back or end things."

They're persistently flirty... time after time.

For anyone who isn't subscribed to the emails, this probably comes as no surprise because we all know Forever 21 LOVES to be corny with us.

Exhibit A:

Annoying or endearing? That's up to you... all I know is Forever 21 is more romantic than your last, current or future boo.

They send you random compliments:

They're all about the pet names:

They notice the little things:

They know how to kid around:

They send you positive reminders:

They keep things exciting:

They miss you when you're not around:

They're always down to have fun:

...but they're not afraid to take about their feelings:

Find you a man that treats you the way Forever 21 treats you.