For The Person Struggling To Keep Their New Years Resolution

For The Person Struggling To Keep Their New Years Resolution

It's okay to fall off of your resolution wagon... as long as you get back on.

Here we are, one week into 2018. If you are anything like me, you like new years resolutions. It's a sensationalized opportunity to regroup and redefine the way you want to live your life. Not just for this year, but forever. If you are anything like me, keeping up with the goals you set for yourself may get a little tricky sometimes. It's normal, high expectations leave lots of room underneath for perception of failure.

Here's what you need to remember: it's okay to fall off of your resolution wagon... as long as you get back on. You know what they say - fall seven times, get back up eight.

Let me tell you something disappointing. One of my resolutions was to go to the gym every day for a month... and I haven't even been to the gym once yet. As disheartening as that sounds, I still have plenty of time to actually follow through. If you're anything like me, you should take this reminder of a resolution that has fallen to the wayside, and find a way to remind yourself to take action. Make a fitness schedule and put it in your phone calendar to remind you. And if you miss a day in between, don't worry! Going to the gym every day is, in fact, ambitious. One day off is NOT going to prevent you from getting into shape. Just make sure one day doesn't turn into one week, and then one month... and then one whole year.

Research suggest that it takes, on average, twenty-one days to create a new habit. Maybe it is easier than that for you. Maybe it takes you way longer. The important thing to remember is that you shouldn't compare yourself to others. Different people have different natural tendencies. To keep with my exercise example, some people love to work out. If you're anything like me, you hate it. It is going to take a longer amount of time to get to a place where I am intrinsically motivated to work out consistently.

Every day that you follow through with your resolution is beneficial to you, whether it be journaling, drinking more water, being a better friend, etc. It is your choice if the days that you forget your end goal are going to hold you back, or inspire you to focus harder on not only what you want but what you deserve.

If you feel discouraged by your first week of 2018, if you were hoping for something better, if you are ready to let go of your resolution and chalk it up to stupid excuses like "maybe later, I have the whole year anyway", this is your reminder to get off of your butt and go fight for what you deserve.

It's a new year, and you get to choose every single day whether or not you get to be the new you.

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These Are 4 Proven Ways That Vaccines Cause Autism

Stock up on those essential oils.


Let's just start with the first (and main) point.

1. They don't.

Susan in your anti-vax group is not a scholarly source (despite her hours and hours of Google research).

2. But in case you still believe Susan...

Maybe you'll believe Autism Speaks who says, "Scientists have conducted extensive research over the last two decades to determine whether there is any link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The results of this research is clear: Vaccines do not cause autism."

3. And if Autism Speaks still didn't convince you...

Feel free to take a look at this comprehensive list of studies that all say that there is no relationship between vaccines such as the MMR vaccination and the development of autism.

4. But here's what you should know...

There have been a few studies lately that have shown that autism develops in utero aka before a baby is even born AND before a baby can even receive vaccinations.

Vaccinations have prevented COUNTLESS deaths and illnesses. Vaccination rates are continuing to fall and do you know what that means? Measles will make its way back. Whooping cough will come back. Rubella, mumps, and polio will come back and there will be no way to stop it.

So, now that you know that vaccines do not cause autism, you're welcome to go tell Susan from your anti-vax group that as well as tell her that the Earth isn't flat. But, don't forget to mention it to her that her essential oils and organic foods are not keeping her children safe from the measles or tuberculosis.

Vaccinate your children. And, besides, even IF vaccinations caused autism, wouldn't you rather have a child with a developmental disorder rather than a child who died from the measles?

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It's Time To Take More 'Me Time'

Did you ever stop and think about how important "me time" is?


I know it's not everyone's first priority to think about just hanging out by themselves for a day, but why isn't it? Self-care is so important and some people don't do enough of it. Here are some way you can get some me time in, while still having a productive day.

Me time doesn't just mean relaxing

Yes, sometimes we all need a break, maybe it's just taking a long shower, laying in bed for an extra hour, or treating yourself to a yummy dessert. But, having me time doesn't necessarily mean you can't be productive. Have yourself a day and learn to enjoy your own company. Being around family and friends is certainly nice, but sometimes taking some time to yourself and collecting your own thoughts is good for your health.

It's okay to say no

No thanks. It's something that some people don't realize that it's okay to say no, just let them know beforehand. Such a cleshay, but it's not going to change anything if you say no to hanging out with your friends for one night. Take a night off and put on a movie or your favorite tv show and chill in bed with some of your favorite snacks.

Schedule it

We schedule classes and dentist appointments in our daily lives, but why don't we schedule me time? Sometimes just telling yourself that you're going to give yourself 20 minutes before your next task gives you a time dedicated to relax and collect your thoughts. It may seem funny to think about, but this is how you will be able to fully remind yourself, and hold yourself accountable, to giving yourself some alone time.

Treat yourself

Do it. Buy it. Now. Second guessing is first nature, but who needs a second opinion when your gut is telling you one thing? Once in awhile it's good to get yourself a sweet dessert or the new pair or shoes you've been eyeing.


Journaling is something that I spent a lot of time doing in High School, but once I entered College I never really had the time or motivation to do any reflecting. Reflecting on your life doesn't even mean writing it down in documentation, but even just taking 5 minutes before you fall asleep, let your thoughts sink in and evaluate certain things in your life you want to change, and cherish the moments that you will think about for the rest of your life.

Never feel guilty for taking time to yourself. Others will understand, but in the end, they're not you! Remember that taking me time is important for your overall health and encourage everyone around you to do it. Keep in mind that carving out some time for yourself is vital for the long run. Laugh and smile more.

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