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For The Natural Hair Cuties

4 Products for the Kinks and Coils!

For The Natural Hair Cuties

For all my natural haired cuties who are just starting their natural hair journey or the veterans searching for new products, this post is for you!

I have been natural for five years now and my hair has seen great days and it has also seen some scary ones as well. One of the biggest influences on the well-being of our hair besides our diet/water intake is what we choose to put in it. Along with learning your personal hair type/pattern and its needs. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of natural hair care lines that claim to "cater" to every hair type but sadly, that can be the furthest thing from the truth. As a woman who has three different curl patterns, ranging from 3C, 4A, and 4B. I have learned that every product is not for me especially with category 4 hair. And years of constantly dying my hair does not help at all. For years I have struggled to find at least 4 good products that provided the moisture along with curl definition that I longed for... *cue world's smallest violin*. BUT, I am here today to bring you beautiful ladies four products that have completely changed my hair regimen and restored the condition of my hair.

1). Jamaican Black or Extra Black Castor Oil

A heavy oil is essential! Maybe not for everyday styling use but it comes in handy for hot oil treatments, and if done frequently on dry hair will help restore a proper moisture level to your hair (especially in the colder months). It also helps me during the detangling process when it is that time of the week... Wash Day.

2). Camille Rose Naturals: Moisture Milk

Now let me say when I first stumbled across this line I felt like blessings were raining down from heaven just for me. I fell in love when I saw the very first item on the ingredient list was water, which is very important if you are looking for products that will bring moisture. It also contains rice milk which contains a ton of vitamin A, D, and B12. Macadamia Seed oil which prevents breakage and Elm bark which helps with the chore of detangling. What truly sold me on this brand/product was that I did not have to compromise on the definition of my curls or the level of moisture, which was something I have settled with for years.

3). Camille Rose Naturals: Algae Renew Deep Conditioner

The word algae just may turn you away but before you go too far let me tell you the awesome benefits. It contains Blue Green algae which will strengthen your hair, prevents thinning and breakage; so if you are in love with protective styles as I am. You are aware that they can cause some stress on your tresses so a deep conditioner as such as helped constantly renew my tired curls. It also contains mango butter which is a crazy moisturizer that locks in a lot of moisture.

4). Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the simplest household products but works amazing as a cleansing agent. I ditched all of my shampoos and started using Apple Cider Vinegar to remove any product build up I have that may lead to a lack of moisture retention and lifeless curls. So along with cleansing your scalp and opening back up your pores, it will rejuvenate your curls and make them stronger. Preparing them for whatever you have planned after your wash session!

So these are just four of the products I make sure to have in my house at all times. I hope this short list may have helped if you needed help finding a few new products to add to your regimen!


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