For The Love Of Fuzzy Socks

As an introductory piece I have decided to put my opinion on something that I would say is very me. Obviously, you might be able to tell what this weeks little shpeal is going to be about just by looking at the title. Fuzzy Socks.

You heard it here first. Fuzzy socks. As a lover of socks in general, I'd say they are a second favorite to me only to socks that have food printed on them. Fuzzy socks, small clothing articles that can make a huge difference in seconds. Who doesn't love these things. They keep your toes warm on the coldest of occasions, are always soft no matter how many times you wash them, and are definitely the easiest socks to find and match in the laundry. They also make amazing addition to gifts or stocking stuffers (ideas for next holiday season?) Although I may not be able to tell you who hates these, I can with confidence tell you who does love these wonderful creations. Men. *insert noises of amazement and awe here*

That’s right y’all, it is more than just women, young ladies, and girls that love to put their feet into fuzzy socks. Even the “manliest of manly men” like to have the instant soft warm fuzzies of fuzzy socks on their feet. The love for fuzzy socks has no specific market. Who could blame them? Not me, they’re like the best thing ever. I can personally say that on more than one occasion my own boyfriend has borrowed a pair of my fuzzy socks to keep his feet warm and most importantly help him get warmer faster. Basically saving him from the meat locker that is my room at night.

It just kind of grinds my gears that stores and commercial marketing only really make them for women. I mean there should be some made for everyone. So the other day, I did something that I feel to be fairly progressive in defying gender roles. I bought my boyfriend his first pairs of fuzzy socks. I chose the most gender neutral colors I could, keeping in mind his personal clothing choice and put them in the Christmas gift I gave him. His reaction was better than I could imagine, and now he doesn’t have to take all of mine lol. That night he slept with very warm feet.

Just as anyone should be able too. Hey, who knows maybe I’ll start a line of fuzzy socks for all fuzzy sock lovers (probably not but it’s a good idea). However, I do believe they should be made for all cold feet to wear, Fuzzy socks for all!

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