He calls me late at night when I'm dreaming of someone new.

He tells me that he wants me, that he needs me, but never follows through.

I know it's wrong but I play along because I'm lonely too.

Some might think I'm stupid.

That I let him play me for a fool,

but I lost my feelings months ago.

I don't pretend like he really wants me,

and I don't think he'll change.

But just so long as he delivers

I'll play his little game.

I mean after all why should I not exploit it?

It's not like he gives a damn.

Why shouldn't I enjoy it?

People, if only they knew,

would look down and assume

that I am letting myself be played a fool.

He might have started it and I might have agreed

but don't mistake who is taking the lead.

I'm no fool, but if he is okay with using me.

Rest assured I'll use him too.