8 Foods We All Had In Our Lunchboxes In Elementary School
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8 Foods We All Had In Our Lunchboxes In Elementary School

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Its safe to say we all have certain foods or candies that we see in the grocery store that bring back memories of our childhood. For me being born in the 90s and growing up in the early two-thousands, some of my favorite foods are still around but not as prevalent. I would give anything to be able to live off of lunchables and cosmic brownies again. So here is a little trip down memory lane of the 8 foods I remember loving the most from my childhood. Maybe you can relate.

1. Pop Tarts

Served best for breakfast warmed up in the toaster. Parents would always tell you to only eat one but two was just too tempting.

2. Kid Cuisine

Best lunchtime snack. My personal favorite was the chocolate pudding with the sprinkles.

3. Grilled Cheese

To this day I still enjoy a gooey grilled cheese. Normally made with a slice of craft singles and buttered toast.

4.Sunny D

After a long day of playing outside or soccer practice Sunny D, pumped with sugar, was the best orange drink out there. They were always a treat when someone brought a case of them home.

5.Fruit Cocktail

We were all a little bit of picky eater when we were little but without a doubt when this fruit cocktail appeared on the plate we ate it all. My favorite to pick from the bowl were the cherry slices.

6.Cosmic Brownies

When you opened your lunch box during lunchtime at school if you had one of these sprinkled brownies packaged in there you had the hot ticket of the lunch room.

7. Trix Yogurt

"Silly rabbit, trix are for kids" the color swirl was always really appealing as a little kid and the taste of the yogurt was even better.

8. Baby Bottle Pop

Any excuse to still channel our inner baby. But it's even better because its full of sugar. It used to be a cool thing to carry these around in your front pocket.

The nostalgia of looking back on loved foods hits hard. Hopefully future generations to come can learn to appreciate foods that were loved back in our childhood time. It will be interesting to see what the same type of list of foods will look like in ten to twenty years. So go out and treat yourself to a fruit by the food or dunkaroo because you deserve it.

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