FOMO, otherwise known as the Fear Of Missing Out. We have all experienced this some time in our lives, whether we had a test to study for, siblings to babysit, or a family event to go to which causes us to miss out on something we really wanted to experience. The bottom line is ultimately we have the fear of missing out.

This summer, I on one hand, as I'm sure a lot of you are too, are experiencing FOMO hard core. I'm talking literally deduced to feeling lonely and bundling up with a movie as all your friends are out experiencing the summer sun or flying to different cities or countries.

Me personally, a lot of my FOMO stems from working and taking summer classes online. Because of these circumstances, I am missing out on a lot of experiences that I envy my friends and family are doing. Whether that's my family going to the casino, having pool days, or seeing all my friends online posting about their trips across the globe, one thing that I keep in mind is my goals.

Not to say that these people don't have goals, desires, or aspirations to attend to. They are either on vacation or are currently balancing their everyday life in a way that allows them to do the fun things I feel I am missing out on. No matter how much FOMO I have, however, I try to remind myself a few things.

The first thing I try and remind myself is I'm grinding for me. In two months when I go back to school, I won't have to work, worry about how I'm paying my rent or my textbooks, and not have to worry about balancing being a dual major and working at college.

Another thing I try to remind myself is life happens. Things don't always align the way we want them or the way they should be. Sometimes, although it sucks, we just have to miss out on things that we would love to be doing rather than our responsibilities.

Finally, the final thing I try to remind myself is that life goes on. While I am having such bad FOMO now, that doesn't mean I'll have it forever. I remind myself that I have a lifetime to make up for the lack of fun things I feel I am missing out on. Although I'm grinding right now, one day I will have that opportunity to kick back on a vacation or take a break from work to live in the moment and experience the things I want to do.

So if you're like me and you're currently experiencing bad FOMO this summer, try and remind yourself that everything that is done is with purpose. While you may feel discouraged or lonely now because while you're friends are having fun you're stuck at work, try and keep a positive mind frame. For every missed opportunity, another door opens and another one with arise, waiting to be explored.