Want to gain knowledge on a specific subject but don’t have the time to read up on it or dig for your own research? Head on over to prageru.com and your questions will be answered! In just five minute videos, you can learn about everything from important dates and events in history (they’re not the dates and events you’d expect!) to the truth about politics, religion, and economics. One of the reasons the Prager University website is so awesome is because all the videos are free! That’s right, FREE! Not only that, each video is hosted by a professional in a specific field, making the videos exceedingly creditable. Professors of law, economists, talk show hosts, best-selling authors, political analysts and commentators, historians, fellows at institutes, and even college students have all contributed to these videos.

Prager University educates the public on issues and subjects that have been distorted, are unclear, or wrongly taught in the education system. On the website’s home page it states: “Short Videos. Big Ideas.” Each five minute video is 100% worth your time because within that short time period you’ll learn at least one new fact, story, or piece of life advice that you can go share with those in your social circle. For millennials and college students, the best video is probably “Don’t Follow Your Passion” hosted by Mike Rowe. Mike Rowe is renowned for his show “Dirty Jobs”, beginning each episode saying: “My name's Mike Rowe, and this is my job. I explore the country looking for people who aren't afraid to get dirty — hard-working men and women who earn an honest living doing the kinds of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us. Now, get ready to get dirty.”

In his Prager University video Rowe strongly advises young adults to follow opportunity, not passion. To put it simply, if an opportunity presents itself but you’re not that enthused by it because it’s not what you’re passionate about, Take the opportunity anyway! You’ll learn valuable lessons for life, and who knows? You may end up with a career in that field and become “passionate about other people’s crap” (just watch the video). While viewing these five minute bits of knowledge you may find that you’re fascinated by topics you never knew interested you! Watch. Learn. Know. Share. Oh and an important disclaimer: “PRAGER UNIVERSITY IS NOT AN ACCREDITED ACADEMIC INSTITUTION AND DOES NOT OFFER CERTIFICATIONS OR DIPLOMAS. BUT IT IS A PLACE WHERE YOU ARE FREE TO LEARN.”