As summer break approaches, it's hard not to automatically switch our focus from practical schoolwork to exciting summer plans. Whether you're going home just to relax or you're jetting off to an alluring foreign country, the idea of summer is appealing when you're stuck cramming for finals and finishing projects. It may be tempting to spend time daydreaming about all your fantastic plans; however, it's important to finish the semester just as strong as you started it. Here are some tips that I have found helpful to keep me on track before my fun-filled summer.

1. Keep an Organized Routine

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It's easy to lose track of all the tasks you have to complete, especially when your mind is pre-occupied. Therefore, it's important to keep a list of everything you have to do. Whenever a professor or club president announces an important date, I quickly jot it down on my notes app. It's an easy reference, as a phone is an essential accessory for most, and it's liberating to backspace the text of a task you've already completed.

2. Make healthy choices

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Focusing on exercise, proper nutrition and keeping your mind healthy are good ways to distract yourself in a positive and constructive way. By making healthy choices, you will also make yourself feel better and work towards a good summer body!

3. Immerse yourself in on-campus events

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As a university student, it is likely that there are events going on around campus in the coming weeks (it could be anywhere from sporting events to a movie festival). Keeping myself busy with school-sponsored events (such as our upcoming spring football game, and club meetings) to outside volunteering and charity helps me pass the time before summer productively. There are so many ways to get involved with your school, be sure to ask your peers about organizations they're interested in, check local message boards, or look on Facebook to see what you could do!

4. Let off some steam by having fun with friends

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While it's important to stay focused on work, having fun with the friends you have made in college is a vital part of ending your semester. Make sure to make time to relax and do fun activities with friends such as hitting local restaurants or planning exciting staycations in your area. Studying with a group or doing work with friends in your classes is also a great way to connect with people while getting through finals season.

5. Enjoy yourself!

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Remember, college only lasts once! As much as you are itching to get to your fun summer plans, remember that one day you'll probably reminisce on these memories and wish that college could last longer. In other words, make the most of your experience! When you are feeling the stress of school and exam season, make sure to remind yourself of the more exciting parts of college and all that you have accomplished.