FLP Thanksgiving Dinner


-Thanksgiving Dinner - FOOD!!


-November 9th from 6-8pm!!


-Creighton's Freshman Leadership Program!!


-Harper Ballroom!!


-For The Kids at Precious Memory Daycare!!


-Ticket for ONLY $10!!

or/and $5 for a raffle ticket!!

-If you can't go the dinner, you can still donate via GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/2mx9ezkc

Still not persuaded? DON'T click back, because you're going to change your mind! And here are 7 reasons why you should come to the event:

1. You're going home to unite with your family for Thanksgiving but still want to enjoy this special event with your friends on campus. Isn't this a PERFECT event?

2. From cooking, serving, and decorations to marketing, rumors say everything is going to be AWESOME because the Freshman Leadership Program wants to SERVE you the best Thanksgiving Dinner ever!

3. By joining us, you're already making an impact on the WORLD!! Who knows what greatness the children you're helping today are going to bring about in the future? You're not only helping a kid or an organization, you're helping a GENERATION! Because the hope and support that you give away will create a domino effect that positively affect so many lives!! I mean come on, isn't it awesome to be able to help someone just by eating? (I wish I could do that for my whole life!)

4. GOOD FOOD!! You're eating for a greater cause guys, there's absolutely no guilt right here. This dinner isn't measured by calories or money, it's your KINDNESS and DESIRE to turn the world we're living in into a BETTER place.

5. Listen to the song "Heal The World" by Michael Jackson and you will get it.

6. Think about how the children and their family would feel receiving your support. If you have been helpless once and you know how it feels like, do you want other people to experience the same thing? I sincerely hope that you have never come across this type of experience, but think about this from a different perspective. Your simple action can bring smiles to little faces, and there's nothing more beautiful than that.

7. Even though you can barely change about the election results, you still DEFINITELY can make another change in the world. The power of plural number is its ability to multiply and not stay the same as 1. (That's why Math is required in education, to help us understand this fundamental principle :) )

After all of these, I don't believe that you're not persuaded. There's no way, seriously, because you're kind, sweet, smart, helpful people of God and He's acting through all of you.

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