Do Flowers Make Any Day Better? Heck Yeah, They Do!

When I came back to school in September I made it a goal of mine to constantly have fresh flowers in the house. To a lot of people, actually to most people, this seemed like a petty goal. Flowers? Really? But, it's quite literally the smallest things in life that make days easier.

To that, I've been successful thus far.

I've always been someone to give meaning to the smallest of things. Meanings of flowers and plants around a household a big one to me. If I were to give advice to anyone it would be to have flowers and plants around your house.

Flowers have this undeniable power to literally brighten any person's day. I've learned that getting plants and getting flowers has something for you to look forward to, to take care of. Plants are a way of bringing life into what can be an already dull lifestyle.

Adding greenery or bright colored flowers gives you a vibrant ray of life and indoor sunshine. Especially during the darker months, I try especially hard for anything to turn my days around.

Flowers in a daily setting and daily life often provide a set of comfort or consideration. They often have an emotional impact on someone's health or day. Flowers can scientifically make us happier, they have a strong positive effect on our emotional well-being. More often than not, flowers can also alleviate common or typical health problems.

Not only do flowers hold these benefits, but there are many facts that prove different plants actually improve your health or improve the air.

Aloe vera, peace lily, dwarf banana, spider plants, golden pothos, and snake plants can all clear the air, clean out toxins and provide moisture in and around your home. For anyone skeptical about caring for plants and flowers, I think they are a perfect idea for learning to care for something above yourself.

Having plants and flowers teaches you to take care of something other than you; as minimally as they are, their still a living thing. Plants take minimal water and minimal care, but having something to look after to can help you too.

During darker days and darker months, it can be hard to want to do anything really. Little things like fresh flowers or green plants have the gifted ability brighten anyone's day. Every time I go to a grocery store or farmers market I instantly gravitate towards the brightened flowers or fresh plants.

Plants and flowers can almost be looked at as people really. I can't be the only person that talks to plants or flowers on a day-to-day basis about petty, minimal things. And if I am, then call me crazy plant lady!

To any good or bad day, it always feels better to have something that sits as a constant in life. Having something as small as a goal to have flowers every week of school can be that one thing to look forward to.

It's all about the little things.

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