A Port St. Lucie teacher has been fired because she refused to give "partial credit" to students who didn't turn in an assignment. How is it that we live in such a world?

The school, West Gate K-8, has what's called a "no zero grading policy", which means the lowest grade a student can receive is 50%. I'll be honest, such a policy baffles me. How did this policy get approved? What is the school hoping this policy will accomplish?

Well, one thing it did accomplish was getting a teacher fired for doing her job. How does handing in nothing earn a student a grade? What message does that send to the next generation?

They will grow up thinking that they can get something for nothing. Such an idea will not hold up in the real world, and the real world will not hesitate to show them the error of that thinking.

Teachers give out homework and the student does it. The student hands the assignment back and the teacher grades the assignment accordingly. So then I wonder, how does turning in nothing get 50%? That is the kind of logic lunatics spout.

I encourage the administration of West Gate K-8 to drop their lunacy and join the rest of us in the real world.

This policy does nothing for the children, it does nothing for the teachers, it does nothing but hold the next generation back. To any parents that have children attending West Gate K-8, I encourage you to find a different school, one that follows a sound thread of logic.