Five Vape Myths Debunked
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Five Vape Myths Debunked


As soon as e-cigarettes were introduced, people were confused because they did not know exactly what to think about them. Some say that they can kill with their heavy clouds of vape while others think that they can explode. Those who are slow to accept changes are not interested in knowing the benefits of vaping compared to the standard cigarettes. Health researchers and scientists have also failed society by either giving shallow information on e-cigarettes or remaining skeptical about them. To make it easy for any person who would like to start vaping, we will debunk the five most common myths about vaping.

E-Juice is Full of Carcinogens

You may have heard that cigarettes contain carcinogens. In fact, health research has proven this to be true. This is a big health risk to the internal organs. Other people inhaling the cigarette smoke are considered to be in great danger just like you since they get an equal amount of carcinogens. This has also made people think that vaping has similar effects. But the toxins in the vape are lower and can be equated to those in the air. Therefore, vaping is better as far as the presence of carcinogens and dangerous toxins are concerned. Secondary inhalers are also safe, and that is why vaping is allowed in some public places.

You Are Exposed to More Health Risks

Because people see the heavy clouds when people are vaping, they think that this will kill you faster than the smoke from a normal cigarette. However, this is not true. Health research which has been conducted so far claims that you are many times better off than when smoking cigarettes with tobacco. All ingredients that are vaped are approved food-grade and contain only nicotine, flavors, water, and approved synthetic products. This means that your lungs should feel safer while vaping than smoking. So, don't let anyone confuse you.

Vaping Is Only for the Rich

Although vaping gives you class, especially when using the expensive vaping mods, but it can be cost-effective in the long run. The only significant cost you will incur is buying the e-cigarette or vaping mod device of your choice. These devices come at different prices to suit the budget needs of different people. If you check well at the Epuffer website, you will get the chance to choose a device that you want to use henceforth. Handling them with care and following the maintenance recommendations given by the manufacturer are key cost savers.

Vaping Causes Popcorn Lung

Popcorn lung is an illness that affects people who are exposed to diacetyl in factories that make butter for popcorn. The correct scientific name is bronchiolitis obliterans. But let's debunk this confusing myth. It is true that e-juices contain the diacetyl among other synthetic ingredients. On the other hand, the diacetyl in normal cigarettes is over 700 times more than in the e-cig. But health researchers have proven that the amount in cigarettes is not enough to cause popcorn lung in people. This is typically because the amount needed to affect someone should be larger. So, it goes without saying that vaping is over a thousand times safer as far as the issue of this illness is concerned. If this is the main reason why you are stuck on cigarettes, now you know what is better.

Vaping Devices Are Complicated

If you have seen people holding large vaping mods or small e-cigarette pens, you may be wondering how they manage to operate them. Most people think it is easier to just light a cigarette and inhale the smoke, then throw away the butts in an ashtray. Vaping mods are easy and fun to use when you get used to them. They come with simple instructions to follow. The basics include adding the e-juice into a tank and switching it on if the battery is well-charged. Other add-ons are also easy to use when you learn.


Vaping is slowly gaining popularity as people learn more about it. We hope that the explanation of these five common myths will change your perception on them and make you realize that they are better options than cigarettes. They have also been known to help people quit smoking through the gradual reduction of nicotine levels. Stay advised.

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