1. Lunchables

Who can resist your very own box of the make your own pizza? Personally the double cheese lunchable has always been my favorite. Even when I came to college I told my mom I needed at least 10 of them stocked in my fridge. They are easy to make, fast to eat and all in all an enjoyable snack when you’re hanging out after a rough day of homework watching some Netflix.

2. Hugs

Yeah those little barrel, colorful bottle things. You know what I’m talking about. On those warm summer days that were just so nice you didn’t want to go inside, the cooler always seemed to be filled with a variety of these drinks.

3. Fruit rollups

Remember the tattoos you got when you were just five years old ? Of course they weren’t permit but they sure did taste good. Fruit by the foot? Even better. Whoever thought their tough couldn't be 6ft were sadly mistaken.

4. Juicy Juice

Remember that good tasting juice your mom used to buy. The one that seemed sugary and sweet but was actually good for you. I mean obviously it was if your mom kept buying it. Fruit Punch, Berry and Strawberry Banana the flavors are endless with this immaculately good drink that kids these days just don’t seem to appreciate.

5. Mott’s Applesauce

The child favorite. Every time your mom would ask you if you wanted a snack you know she probably didn’t mean a yummy snack. But a healthy substitute for that yummy snack was always, or at least for me some cinnamon applesauce. Today the technology for the Mott’s applesauce has advanced immensely, now they have squeezable packets that are all the rave, especially for my age group… and I am in my early twenties.