The world of fashion changes every day, with new trends making their appearance without us even realizing it. Below are five of my favorite trends of the new year.

1. Black Boots.

Whether they’re Dr. Martens, or knock-off's from the mall, these black boots are coming in HOT. I am calling it now – these shoes are going to be the combat boots of 2018. Pair them with leggings and a sweatshirt to class, or wear them out on the town with your favorite black skinny jeans and jean jacket.

2. Plaid.

Jackets, skirts, pants, you name it – plaid is in again. This has to be one of my favorite trends, because it can be paired with almost anything in your closet. Wear a plaid skirt or pant with a graphic tee and funky belt, or fancy it up with a turtle neck and your ankle booties.

3. Vintage inspired pieces.

No matter what social media feed you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through, you are bound to come across an outfit styled with a fresh flare on an old trend. Those aviators that you just bought from Urban Outfitters are inspired by the 70’s. The high-waisted Levi’s cut-offs you just bought where just as popular in the 80’s. Que trend #2 on my list – plaid. Remember the yellow plaid outfit Cher wore in the movie Clueless? 90’s. Vintage inspired clothing will always be hanging on the racks lining the stores that you shop in, no matter how obvious or not it is.

4. Scarves.

If you know me, you would know that my obsession with scarves is prevalent in my everyday life. If I’m not wearing one tied around my neck, I most likely have it tied into my ponytail, or wrapped around the strap of my purse. Wearing scarves is nothing new in the fashion world, but these small pieces of fabric are starting to make a big impact on our every-day fashion wear.

5. Layering.

When I think of layering, it brings me back to middle school, when I would wear my short-sleeve Aeropostale three-button polo with a white long sleeve shirt under it (to say the least, in middle school I wasn’t the most fashion forward – but who was?). It’s 2018 and layering is coming back, in a good way.