Wonder no more because here are five things you should do while in Sedona.

1. See The Sights

Taylor Sipos

One of the very best things to do is to pull off at any of the scenic views on your way into Sedona and take some pictures or just go on mini hikes down the pathways. Or do a bit more research and find paths that lead to some exciting views. Try out Devil's Bridge, Chapel Trail, Chicken Point Trail and anywhere in Red Rock State Park.

2. Really Enjoy Looking At All Those Rocks

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Whenever you are watching any movie with Arizona in it you will always see large expanses of desert, cactus, and really red mountains. If you have ever been to Phoenix then you know most of the state isn't actually like that. Except for Sedona. This is where you'll see Arizona movie magic in real life.

3. Shop

Taylor Sipos Photography

There is so much shopping in Sedona. So much. So shopaholics please hide your credit cards and friends please hide your shopaholics. In Tlaquepaque, there are a bunch of cool shops to enjoy.

If you're wanting to know how to pronounce that...ask around.

I think it is "TAH-LA-KEE-PAH-KEE" or at least that's what I have heard.

4. Look For Something Spiritual

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In addition to beautiful sites, arts, food, and fun activities Sedona is a "power source" for spiritualism. Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park, Sedona Soul Adventures, Sedona Spirit Journeys and Vortex Tours, Unity of Sedona, Buddha Beach, and Rachel's Knoll are all just a few places for spiritual activities and vortex tours can be explored. The center for the new age is one of the first spots on your way into town and has this cool mural on the side that can be seen above. I love crystals and astrology and inside you'll find both. On the front shelf, they have a bunch of horoscopes with some awesome pictures on the front.

5. You Have To Eat!

Taylor Sipos Photography

I love food! Most people do too. In Sedona they have a couple cool food options. One place I always find myself is Oak Creek Brewery and Grill. This is the place where I first had deep fried pickles and fell in love with them! Try them they are pretty wicked!

*As A Bonus* Drive Up To Flagstaff Taking The Scenic Route


While you're driving you'll go from Sedona desert beauty to being surrounded by dark pine trees. The air smells so clean like a forest and a hint of pine cones. There's the rustling of branches in the wind and water rolling though creeks. Some of the drive you'll look up and see only trees. It's one of my favorite drives. Points if you find the Dairy Queen.