5 Things I Have Learned As A Telemarketer
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5 Things I Have Learned As A Telemarketer

My job is one of the jobs most people dread, but in all reality, it really is beneficial to me.

5 Things I Have Learned As A Telemarketer
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I always get amusing responses when I tell people that I work as a telemarketer. They're often surprised that I have a job that involves so much conversing, as I am extremely introverted and really do not enjoy talking to people over the phone. Then, I get the look of pity because I am one of *those* people who call you asking for money. I get it. No one wants people calling them and asking for money, and trust me, it makes me extremely uncomfortable having to ask people for money. Being a telemarketer is a tough job, but it has taught me things that no other job could teach me, and that's the cool part.

1. I've learned how important having good coworkers is.

My job could be absolutely miserable, and dealing with rejection all of the time can make you feel miserable. But I have really fun coworkers who are not just coworkers, but friends too. I have a really great boss too who always brings food in for us and tries to make work fun. We play trivia at work, have friendly competitions, and chatter in between calls. It is an extremely laid back environment, which is important because a lot of the people we call are not laid back. Without the great and hilarious people I work with, my job would be miserable. It just goes to show how important a good work environment is because great people can really make any job worthwhile.

2. I have learned to be polite and patient.

People who know me know that I am extremely impatient. When your job involves constant communication with strangers, you have to learn to be patient. People are not always happy when I call them; I've been insulted, sworn at, and have been treated very rudely, but as the "professional", I have to be polite to them in return. It can be very tempting to yell back at people when they yell at me, but I cannot do that or I will lose my job. You have to be as helpful and kind as possible when you work as a telemarketer, and I have found that those skills I have acquired on the job can apply to my life outside of work as well.

3. You learn to handle rejection.

Something you will be unprepared for as a telemarketer is rejection. Sure, you know you'll get it, but you never realize how often you'll be rejected and how frustrating it can be. I have made 115 calls in a night, and spoken to 6 people and got no donations. I have made 95 calls in one night and not have gotten the chance to speak to anyone. I have made 75 calls and got over $1,000 in one night. You never know what a night may have in store; the only consistency at work is that I will get a lot more rejections that I will donations. But this job has taught me to handle rejection gracefully, which is a hard and painful lesson to learn. Rejection is scary, but I am no longer afraid of it, and the only way I could have gotten this comfortable with rejection is through telemarketing.

4. I have mastered small talk.

As an introvert, small talk is something that makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Unfortunately, donors often like small talk, and I have learned that in order to get what I want (donations), I have to be good at small talk. For me, the conversations never get easier, but I have figured out a good process that I can use when I have to talk to potential donors. And while I certainly do not look forward to small talk, I have now gained confidence in my ability to do it, and that makes me more successful.

5. Be a nice human.

I cannot even name the number of times that someone has been mean to me over the phone. Telemarketers are pushy. We are asking you for money. I know that we are not your favorite people, but we are human beings and we have feelings. People often forget that my job is to call you and ask for money, it's nothing personal and I'm not trying to bother you, I am just doing my job. Often when we are inconvenienced, we forget about others' feelings. Being a telemarketer has really made me aware of this. So the next time you are irritated at a telemarketer, cashier, waitress, etc. because they are "inconveniencing you", just remember that they are people too, and they're just doing their job.

Being a telemarketer is certainly not my dream job, and I have no plans of continuing to do it after I graduate. But overall, I do enjoy it. I have a lot of fun when I'm at work with my team, and I have gained so many life skills that I could not have obtained anywhere else that I know will really benefit me in the future. I work as a telemarketer, and while my job is extremely tough, I love it.

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