Five Reasons Why Applying to Grad School is Scary

Grad school, continuing your education... the joys of applying to grad school seem never-ending.

1. By going to graduate school, it's assumed you know what you're doing.

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If you're intending to go to grad school, that means you have your whole life together, right? Wrong.

2. Getting recommendations.


What professors was I closest to? Does my boss count? I need THREE??

3. Filling out applications.


Wait, didn't I already do something like this before? Oh no, I need to give all of my personal information to this university that I may not even go to, again?

4. Finding not only the perfect school, but also the perfect price.

US News

Bachelor's degree, down... wait, I have to spend MORE money?

5. Finding the will to continue school.


Contemplating taking a gap year... oh no, I probably won't ever go back if I do that.

Whatever you decide to do, just know grad school won't end up being as scary as the application process. Good luck!

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