5 Reasons Why Lana Del Rey Is One Of The Best Artists The 21st Century Has Seen
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5 Reasons Why Lana Del Rey Is One Of The Best Artists The 21st Century Has Seen

She deserves a little more praise if you ask me.

5 Reasons Why Lana Del Rey Is One Of The Best Artists The 21st Century Has Seen
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I've never been a huge fan of pop music or the top charts. This led to me searching for less-known artists whom I thought had more talent than the popular ones. Lana Del Rey has been my favorite under-appreciated musical artist for two years now. Here are five reasons why she is one of the most unique artists of the 21st century.

1. Each album she's made has sounded distinct from the rest.

You know how a lot of music in this decade sounds like the same thing. Lana Del Rey's songs and albums don't. Fans don't even use the term "album," but rather call them "eras." This is because none of them sound related in style or sound. "Born To Die" has an oldies pop feel, whereas "Ultraviolence" a tragic, gloomy one, etc. Lana also tends to change her appearance to fit each new release.

2. She adores and appreciates her fans.

It's hard to find an artist with a following who takes time out of their day for their fans. Those who do are especially hard to come by these days. Being nice to fans is just a regular thing for her. You can see so in this video.

3. She writes most of her own songs, which are not only creative but also personal.

The songs aren't like anyone else I've ever listened to. At first I couldn't get into it, but I'm happy I did. They're different and strange but in the best way. With lines dark lyrics such as, "He hurt me, but it felt like true love," happy ones like, "If time stood still, I'd take this moment / Make it last forever" and of course ones for the haters, "They judge me like a picture book by the colors, like they forgot to read."

4. Lana's music videos are uniquely weird.

Yes music videos are often weird, I know. Except Lana incorporates her own (sometimes unnerving) ideas into her music videos. She even made a controversial short film based off songs from her EP called "Paradise" written entirely on her own. Here's a few of her videos; they're nothing like the music of this decade so far.

5. She always looks beautiful.

I mean, can you really disagree? Here's a bunch of pictures of her taken by her sister, if you need more proof than the provided photos/videos above.

There are plenty more reasons, but then I'd be making this too long of a read. I just highly recommend checking out Lana Del Rey, despite whatever you may have heard about her. You may discover she's exactly your taste or maybe not. Giving her a try won't hurt.

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