Five Of The Best Movies To Watch When You Want To Have A Good Cry

Five Of The Best Movies To Watch When You Want To Have A Good Cry

Ranked From Least to Most Tears Shed *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Do you ever feel a little blue for no reason and feel like crying but you can't? I know that I do, and the perfect way for me to get rid of the built up stress and sadness is to have a good cry while watching a sad movie. After watching a variety of tear-jerking movies, I have compiled a list of the top 5 (5-1 is least to most sad) that have caused tears.

5.) Inside Out

This movie is a cute Disney cartoon showing how a person’s emotions work through personification. The sad aspect arises when it shows the main character, a twelve year old girl named Riley, lose two of her primary emotions, Joy and Sadness and lose her entire personality and slip into a depression-like state. The ending is, of course, happy because let’s face it, it’s Disney, so obviously it would. However, if you’re an adult, many of the themes are quite dismal.

The Saddest Part: When Riley’s imaginary friend, Bing Bong, sacrifices himself. Bing Bong does this in order to allow Joy to escape the abyss where forgotten memories disappear forever from Riley’s mind. I think what makes it even sadder is the fact that Bing Bong disappearing is a representation of the transition from childhood to adulthood. It displays how adults forget about innocent and imaginative childhood things.

4.) The Last Song

This movie is another love story based on a Nicholas Sparks novel which are famous for being romantic and sad. It is one of Miley Cyrus’s first appearances in a more serious film. It is the story of a troubled teen named Ronnie and her younger brother, Jonah. The film follows their journey of reconnection to their estranged father and also features a love story between Ronnie and a local boy. After finally creating a strong father/child bond, they soon find out that their father has terminal cancer.

The Saddest Part: After learning of his father’s cancer, Jonah is discovered in the middle of the night frantically trying to finish the stained glass window he began with his father. He is sobbing and has cuts on his hand from the glass.

3.) The Little Prince

This movie is a Netflix original based on a French children’s book. This movie is different from the book in that it follows the life of a little girl who is told by her elderly neighbor. Although this book is meant to be a children’s novel, there are underlying adult themes within, making it a slightly depressing plot to adults who understand it. There are also uplifting moments in the movie, so this is a good option if you are looking for a happy ending.

The Saddest Part: When the little prince decides that he misses his planet, which is too far for him to travel back to from Earth. In response to this, he lets the snake “help him return to his planet” therefore, kill him. So the little prince essentially kills himself because he is depressed he will never be able to return home.

2.) Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Any movie based on the life of a dog is guaranteed to cause A LOT of crying (for me at least). This movie follows the story of a dog who is left at a train station, where a college professor, who later becomes Hachi’s owner, discovers. The dog soon falls in love with his new family but specifically the professor that found him. Hachi waits at the same train station he was left at for the professor to return home from work everyday.

The Saddest Part: After the professor dies of a heart attack, Hachi does not understand that he is gone. Therefore, he waits at the train station everyday for him, refusing to leave. Hachi eventually dies in the snow while still waiting for his owner to return.

1.) The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

I watched this movie when I was sick and miserable so I thought it would be the perfect movie to go with my mood. I am warning you, if you are a movie crier, this will be a rough movie. I pretty much cried through the entire movie. Not only is it a movie about one of the saddest periods in history, the Holocaust, the plot is also centered around the life of a child. The childlike naivety and innocence adds to the sadness of this movie.

The Saddest Part: Definitely the very end. Main characters Bruno and Shmuel try to be together because they’re best friends so Bruno climbs under the fence into the concentration camp where Shmuel is trapped. They both end up being killed along with the rest of the innocent people in the camp.
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