Five of the Best (and Worst) TV Show Finales
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Five of the Best (and Worst) TV Show Finales

I probably don't need to say this, but SPOILER ALERT.

Five of the Best (and Worst) TV Show Finales
The New Yorker

In the age of binge watching, we see TV show finales probably, like, once a month or so, and we learn quickly that were are good ones and there are bad ones. I decided to make a list of good and bad TV show endings. I wish I could review all of the show endings I have seen, but not only do I not remember them all, I don’t have an opinion for them all, either. So, here are the ones that made an impression on me. Sorry if I left out your favorite, and I’m sorry for the spoilers.

Sorry about some of the gifs I used. Some of the shows didn't have good ones.

Let's start with the good.

1. Friends

For a decade, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe made us laugh, cry, and laugh until we cried on the sitcom Friends, which came to an end in ‘04. Though it’s been off the air for so long, people still reference the shows many iconic quotes and scenes (“Pivot!”, “We were on a break”, and “Smelly Cat” to name a few”). So, when it was announced that the show was going to end after ten seasons, fans were curious as to how the finale would go. Or, more specifically, would Ross and Rachel finally become an item? I think it is same to say that the finally did not disappoint. Ross and Rachel got back together, Monica and Chandler became parents to twins, Phoebe and Mike decided to start trying to have a baby, and Joey went out as the child-like bachelor we all loved. Though the purple apartment became vacant, and Monica and Chandler made their way to the suburbs, we were left with a last look at the location of so many memories for the group, as well as that weird little yellow frame that surrounded the peep hole. I have to say as a fan of the show, I was pleased with the ending. And, we cannot forget the last lines from the show, when they decide to grab a coffee, and Chandler asks “Where?”.

2. Parks and Recreation

There were parts of the finally of Parks and Recreation that I could have lived without, and other parts that left me asking questions – mostly, did Leslie become president? It’s suggested, but never directly stated. Overall, it was a bittersweet ending. All the characters moved on from the Pawnee Parks Department, and they made their way to bigger and better things. Yet, we are still left sad as the beloved characters part ways – characters that were both co-workers and friends. I loved how we were able to get a glimps at the character’s futures, and how we were able to see Ann and Chris return. Of course, we had many wise words from Leslie, such as “Find your team, and get to work”. She had been good for an inspirational quote all series long, but she truly went out with a bang with that one. It was a sad ending, but a good one.

3. Weeds

Weeds was a roller coaster ride from the start, and that ride only got faster and more unpredictable. Nancy and her family were on the run from the start, trying their best to avoid enemies. After Nancy is shot by her ex-husband’s son from seasons two (a mind-blowing turn of events, honestly) we knew it was time Nancy threw in the towel on the world of weed and lived a quiet life, which is pretty much what she did. Her sons both settled down, and Nancy returned to suburban life with her family. For nine seasons, Nancy is never seen smoking weed, but we see it at the tail end of the episode, which I thought was a great way to end a series that was so jam packed with action and suspense.

4. Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World was on for 7 seasons, and for 7 seasons we watched Cory Matthews and his friends and family grow up from teenagers to young adults. The best part of the final episode was the scene in the classroom with Mr. Feeney. All of the young character that Mr. Feeney had watch grow up as we did exited the classroom for the final time, but, before they do, they try to get Feeney to tell them that he loves them. However, Feeney won’t budge, so the student individually tell them they love him. Once they all leave, he said to the empty room, “I love you all...” and ends the show with “Class dismissed”. It was bittersweet, but the perfect way to end a series that made the viewers fall in love with each character.

5. How I Met Your Mother

We meet the mother, she dies, Ted ends up with Robin like he always should have. Barney becomes a dad. Robin is able to travel like she always wanted to, Marshall and Lily have another baby and live out all of their career goals. It’s a great ending to a nine-year story. Everything fell into place as it should have, and I for one was happy about that. And, they still ended up getting together at the bar. Good stuff.

Okay, now the… not so good.

1. Full House

On paper, this show ended well. All the main character in the living room, Michelle got her memory back, DJ goes to prom with Steve, Becky and Jesse might have another baby, it’s beautiful. However, they could have done SO much better. Fuller House has answered a lot of the questions and filled in gaps and I wish here filled during the finally of Full House. I’ll just say it – Danny should have married Vicky. I know that was something that (didn’t) happen in an earlier season, but seasons eight was the perfect opportunity to bring her back and get them married. Michelle falling off and horse and losing her memory was a bit… eh. It only, once again, confirmed that Full House had become The Michelle Show after the Olsen twins became so popular. And, it was a way to work in a sentimental “Thinking of Pam” moment. DJ and Steven going to prom, honestly was the only thing in the episode that made me happy. Thank goodness Fuller House came along to revive my nostalgia, and to make Danny and Vicky happen, because, let’s face it, that was what seasons eight was missing. Oh, and Stephanie, Joey, and the Katsopolus clan had no conclusion in the finale. They just kind silently went off into the sunset.

2. 7th Heaven

Okay, so, this show was on for ten years, and I was a fan from episode one. However, there was a point in the series when the story lines were getting a bit crazy. The entire last season was ridiculous. It wasn’t even suppose to happen. The show was set to end at season nine, but the cast decided to do one more season. Sorry, but it should have ended at season nine. The last episode was cute – the family got into an RV with one item they didn’t want to leave behind and they (literally) drove off into the sunset to see the country. And, with Eric having heart issues throughout the episode that may cause him to die it was a great way to see them go. My issues, though, was the events leading up to the Camden family driving away in their RV – Eric’s heart magically getting better, him being dead for an episode, the whole deal with the black homeless dude… I don’t know. Seemed a bit silly to me. What happened to 7th Heaven is what I see happening to Grey’s: it’s been on too long, and the story line is getting silly.

3. Kyle XY

This was my FAVORITE show when it was on ABC Family. I loved the characters and the story line and the mystery and everything about it. But, WTF WAS UP WITH THE ENDING?! Since the last episode of Kyle XY, I have learned that the last episode was not suppose to be the end. The network had planned for another season, but it didn’t happen. So, we are left with the “bad guy” telling Kyle that he is his brother, and… CUT. I was so mad when I found out that was the end. It was a great show, and I wish it wasn’t cut so short. I’m sad to put this show on the negative side of this list, but I have to. It was so unfair to leave the viewers that had been there since day one up in the air like that.

4. Dexter

A friend of mine recommended Dexter to me, and I loved it. I could have easily binged it in a day if I had the time. Why didn’t I like the ending? I did. I liked how he managed to get out of Miami and live a quiet life. It was the shit surrounding it that I didn’t like. The death of his sister, him abandoning his son, the fact that he actually went along with that Hannah chick that I honestly could not stand – and he left his son with her! I was expecting Dexter to end up in jail for his murders, and I don’t know if I am happy or unhappy with more people not finding out who he really was. I liked what happened to Dexter, I just don’t like all the crap surrounding that.

5. The Sopranos

This show was, is, and will always be one of the most amazing shows to ever grace a television screen. I loved this show, and I assumed that Tony would be killed at some point in the final season. I get the ending is suppose to be symbolic, but why didn’t they just get right to the point? They played the worst song in the history of songs (Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey – I hate that song), they were at some random restaurant that was weirdly decorated and painted orange, and it just cut off. Just like that – done. I looked into the meaning, and, basically, Tony gets shot by the weird Members Only jacket dude at the counter, but why didn’t the writers just have him get shot rather than make the viewers sit there wondering WTF happened. People don’t like to think when they watch TV. TV is for entertainment. Relaxation. Enjoyment. People don’t want to have to think. They tried. I’ll give the writers an A+ for trying, but, I’m sorry, try again.

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