Five Must Have Apps For College

College can be rough whether you're an incoming freshman or graduate bound. Sometimes, though, we all need a little distraction ... even if it's a distraction to keep us focused and we usually look to our phones for it. I've gathered a list of five applications that can help you with your college experience and keep you distracted, focused, or even help you keep your sanity.

1. Yik Yak

Now, this app is very distracting, very weird, and sometimes very vulgar. It's a social media application, somewhat like an anonymous Twitter. It's made specifically for college environments, so it won't load when you're too close to a high school. "Yik Yak helps you discover your local community." Even so, it'll help you stay connected to campus, possibly make new friends, understand trends, and keep you up to date.

This app is free.

2. Duolingo

This app has the potential to be distracting, depending on what classes you're taking. This is a language learning app, which offers a variety of languages to choose from. You can decide to take a placement test or start off as a beginner. "Practice speaking, reading, listening and writing" different languages.

This app is free.

3. Forest: Stay Focused

Deemed as "the best cure for phone addiction," this app will help you stay focused in class and while studying. You set a timer, which then plants a tree. The tree will continue to grow as long as the application stays open ... AKA, you don't do anything else on your phone. When the timer goes off (at the end of class/study group/etc.) you'll have a fully grown tree. The more often you use the app, the more trees will grow, therefore creating your own forest.

This app is free on the play store.

4. Online Banking

This app depends on where you live and what bank you use and if that bank even has an app. I have a Wells Fargo one and haven't yet had a problem with it! Getting a banking app is really helpful so that you can monitor your savings and/or checking accounts. I prefer to use cash, but it's really hard to keep it on me!

5. Calculator

Now-a-days, some form of this app comes pre-downloaded onto just about every phone. Even if you're not taking any math classes currently, this app is really helpful to help you manage money, give tips, and figure out if something will fit in your room.

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