Five in the Morning

Five in the Morning

You’ll regret staying up past six in the morning tomorrow.

The early morning before anyone wakes up and you never went to sleep, is a weird time.

You’re in what is now a haze because the exhaustion has almost worn off in a way.

You have a faint pulsing behind your brow that is brought on from your lack of sleep.

You should be sleeping but you’re not.

This time is weird because you have no worries.

There’s nothing to do at this time so you just sit there thinking in your hazy, almost dizzy state of mind.

You have no worries because as I said, there’s nothing you can do about it at this hour.

You will say anything that is on your mind because hey, it’s 5;45 in the morning and nothing matters.

Everything is so clear but you know when you think back on this, it won’t make any sense.

You’ll regret staying up past six in the morning tomorrow.

Or is it today?

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If You Still Don't Have These 8 Things In Your College Room, You're Doing It Wrong

Take it from a senior living in a residence hall, I know what I'm talking about.


If this is your first semester or if this is your last, there are some things every college student should have in their room. Granted, some things are more of a convenience than a necessity, but, come on, you only live once, right?

1. Bluetooth speaker

Whether it's jamming to some study tunes, kicking it back with some chill beats on a Saturday night, or trying to block out the noise roommates down the hall, a Bluetooth speaker is a key piece of every good residence hall experience. You'll thank me later.

2. String lights

The easiest way to turn those glum room walls into your personal paradise is to hang string lights all around! If you are feeling particularly creative, adding some lights and print-out photos to an open wall creates the cutest memory board. Make sure to hang these below the sprinkler system if your hall has them!

3. Cute pillow(s)

Nothing makes your mostly-unmade bed look better than a cute throw pillow. Who cares if your comforter is crooked and falling off your mattress — you've got adorable pillows! Plus, they can be great to lay on when studying or watching movies in bed.

4. A fuzzy blanket

Nothing screams "college" like cuddling up in a soft blanket and procrastinating your homework. Whether it's for watching movies, wrapping up in while studying for that 8 AM exam, or just unwinding after a long day, a fuzzy blanket makes everything better.

5. Essential oil diffuser

Most residence halls don't allow candles or wax melters, but essential oil diffusers can be even better for you and for making your room smell great. You can even use certain oils when you aren't feeling well to help you get better sooner!

6. Reusable water bottle

Now, this is more of a college tip in general, but it is still extremely important. I find that when I buy a new reusable water bottle, I drink more water. Stay hydrated and reduce your eco-footprint by skipping the single-use plastic bottles.

7. Closet organizers

One of the hardest parts about moving into a college room is the closet space (or lack thereof). Go for practical. An over-the-door shoe rack, hanging cubby, multi shirt hanger, or jewelry pouch can maximize your space without forcing you to get rid of half your wardrobe.

8. Power Strip

I'm not talking about dinky little extension cords, no no, I'm talking power stips. These babies have saved me every semester of my college career. Many residence halls require them since they have surge protectors. Turn one outlet into five or more (some even have USB ports).

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Colleges Should Be Preparing Their Students For Natural Disasters

No one is ever truly prepared enough for a natural disaster to interrupt their life, but for college students, this is especially true and colleges should help students be prepared.


Mother nature is a mysterious thing that we all wish we could control, but know that we cannot. She is so unpredictable that not even weather reports can do us much good sometimes. This unknowing can be daunting and anxiety-inducing especially when it has to do with a massive weather system like a snowstorm, hurricane or tornado all of which can do an immense amount of harm. Other times, such as with earthquakes, there is no forecast or warning, it just happens.

With hurricane season upon us, I have been thinking a lot about the unpredictable nature of weather and how we can try to be prepared but many times come up short or even overshoot.

This week on my college campus there has been a lot of anxiety around Hurricane Florence that is churning its way towards the east coast. I go to school in Washington, DC and in all the reports there have been mentions of the Carolinas and Virginia but not a whole lot about our nation's capital. I think most of us on campus have been wondering "Well, what about us?"

But no matter where you are located there is a lot of wondering about "What about us, what do we do?" Especially in the case of college students. In some ways, we are in limbo. There are those of us who depend on our schools to provide us with protection, prevention, and guidance but then at the same time, universities think of their students as adults who can figure things out on our own.

This means that we are communicating with our loved ones, trying to reassure them that we will be okay, while also seeking their wisdom about what we should be stocking up on to prepare for the worst.

The consensus on that? Bottled water, and non-perishable food items that are full of protein and some fresh fruits on hand.

Will we need all of this stuff? Who knows. Should we have it? Absolutely. So I know that once classes finish up for me, I'll be headed out to get some of those items.

However, now with the weather forecast, it looks like for my campus we're just going to be having a rainy, and perhaps windy weekend as Hurricane Florence is on a pathway to hit south of us and then head inland as opposed to going north. But not every college student is as fortunate.

In this hurricane alone, over 1 million people are being forced to evacuate which includes many college students. As someone who goes to school across the country from her family, if I were forced to evacuate I am not sure where I would go, probably with a friend if they had a place in mind where they could go.

Disaster preparedness is not on a lot of people's minds, but especially not with college students. Admittedly we have our heads stuck in the sand, only focusing on what is impacting us in the present, which most of the time involves classes, our immediate personal needs, our friends, and social agendas. One of my friends even admitted today that she didn't know about the hurricane until she heard everyone talking about it and decided to look it up.

This stuff is not fun to think about, but it is something that should come across our minds as a possibility, even before a storm is forecasted. Colleges should provide residence halls with plentiful flashlights and it isn't too hard to store water and nonperishable items in a central location in the residence halls as well.

I remember at my elementary school we had a shipping container in the parking lot that in it stored our supplies for emergencies. We had non-perishable foods, personal medications for each student who had medical needs, water, and other necessities. While the example of my elementary school is on a much smaller scale than the majority of universities it is still something that is doable.

This experience has taught me to be mindful and aware of the natural threats around me. After this threat passes, instead of eating all the snacks I'll buy to prepare, I'll set some aside along with a couple of bottles of water for the next occasion where I might need a small emergency kit, and the need may arise without much warning.

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