Since the first week of classes has just finished for most college students, why not set aside some time to set some goals for the year? Hopefully, these goals are not going to become like New Years Resolutions and fail after the first month. Rather, be kept and met through the course of the semester. If you are onboard, but need some inspiration, take a glance at the list below.

1. Good Grades

Now, I know what your thinking, "Why would anyone not have a goal of good grades?" My answer to that is not only get the grades you can in a class, but to push yourself to do better. Apply yourself more in class, attend tutoring, or just taking better notes. If you have a class in a subject that you are not fond of, make it a goal to do well and not blow off the class. Or if a class is going to be easy for you, make an effort to still enjoy it and again, don't blow it off.

2. Make Friends

With the new start of the year, comes a chance to make some new friends with various people. Whether it be freshmen, transfers or just other people you haven't met before, take some time to get to know someone well. Maybe there's someone new in one of your clubs that you haven't seen before or just haven't talked to alot. Get to know them and find out what other interests you may have in common besides that club.

3. Do Something New

If there's a club or group on campus that seems kind of interesting, sign up and go to meeting or two and see what it's like. If you don't like it, that's okay! At least you gave it a shot instead of just completly denying yourself any chance of liking it. The same goes if you decide you like it. If you like it, you'll probably be so glad you gave it a chance.

4. Quality Time With Friends

This not only includes the previously mentioned new friends, but also the old ones too. Yeah, like those ones you probably hated leaving at the end of the spring semester and didn't get to see all summer. Hang out with them more, after all you did just spend three months apart. Go to dinner, watch a movie, and just be together. There's nothing like catching up with old friends and hearing of all the amazing things that they did during the summer.

5. Explore Your Interests

We all have something we're passionate about and it's highly unlikely that we're also experts at it. So, go learn something about it. If you like music, look into different genres or other artists that are similar to the ones you like. Or if you like to read, find a book that is challenging and read it, or cozy up with a classic. Also, maybe learning the history of your favorite thing would be interesting. Like learning the process behind the making of what you have today.

This is only some of things that could be goals for this new semester of classes. Hopefully this gives you some ideas of goals you could set for yourself this year. Good luck in all your classes and other activities! Have a great semester!