5 Feelings No One Talks About When You Move, As Told By Joey Tribbiani
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5 Feelings No One Talks About When You Move, As Told By Joey Tribbiani

Feelings can be overwhelming when your life is changing. But don't worry because you aren't alone, Joey is here.

5 Feelings No One Talks About When You Move, As Told By Joey Tribbiani
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Moving is full of new experiences and A LOT of boxes; weather you are moving short distances or across the country. Getting to experience new occurrences is exciting but it can also suck having to pack up your whole life into boxes. Moving can also be scary, exhausting, and stressful. You might even feel as if you're on a rollercoaster of emotions.

I feel as there is no one better to express the mess of feelings that occur when you move than Joey Tribbiani.

1. Overwhelming Denial

You will get flooded with so many feelings that it seems impossible to process them. When was the last time you cleaned? This will be the last time you will ever be living in that place. You will have to pack up your whole life. You are going to find things you lost or completely forgot you had. Everything will seem like it is changing. Clearly the best way to deal with all these impending realizations is to push them deep down inside and deny them.

2. Mental Breakdown

Okay so the denial choice, not the best option. You are now in full fledged freakout mode. So many boxes. So much stuff. Why do you still have all those clothes you never wear? Why do you have so much lotion that you never use? How come all of your things aren't magically transported into a box? Why can't you just go buy all new stuff? You will never get to come home to this place anymore! You are getting older! Things are CHANGING!!!

3. Procrastination

After you have your panic attack, you realize you have so many more things you could be doing besides freaking out. Playing on your phone, going out with friends, exploring the new area, absolutely ANYTHING besides your adult responsibilities.

So why would you pack or unpack boxes when you can play cowboy and indians in a fort?

4. Second Mental Breakdown

After procrastinating your entire life away, you realize that everything needs to be done like right now! Where did everything go? How did you function with all this stuff in your life? Do you put your bed on the wall closet to the door or the wall closet to the window? Why can't you find the screws for your furniture!? What will your mom think of this?

5. Contentment

After all the struggles, all the sweat and tears, and all the panic attacks you went through, you finally realize that the new place you are living in is home. The rollercoaster of emotions was worth it. And change can be good!

So go order yourself some pizza. You deserve it!

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