Dramas are some of the best things to watch. There are many different genres that range from historical to romance. You get so wrapped up these characters' stories, that you don't know what to do with yourself when the drama is finally over. Below I've listed the five emotions that come with finishing a drama.

1. Happiness

You're happy that you finally finished a drama. Another drama marked off of your incredibly long to-watch list. Whether it was a two hour long movie, or a twelve episode series, you are jumping for joy that you finished it.

2. Sadness

Although you're happy and proud of yourself for finishing a drama, you're also sad. It's over! The drama that you spent all of your free time is now over. There's nothing more to watch and fangirl over and it's time to find a new one.

3. Anger

Sometimes you find yourself angry after finishing a drama. If you find yourself angry, it's probably because it didn't end the way that you wanted to. Whether it be a cliff hanger, or the death of a main character, these dramas can get you fuming.

4. Excitement

Since you've finished a drama, it's time to start a new one! The excitement of starting a new drama is feeling like no other. You don't know what to expect and the thrill of getting to know new characters is killing you.

5. Regret

The emotion that almost never hits you is the feeling of regret. You get too wrapped up in your other emotions that you forget about this one. Sometimes, regret hits you. You regret spending so much time watching dramas.