It's already December and yet in August I never would have imagined myself to be where I am currently at. Everyone always told me that college would always fly by and yet I always doubted this. However, over three months later, I find myself looking back over the start of the semester and wondering how it all seemed to have passed by with the blink of an eye. As finals approach and classes end, I thought it would be nice to reflect on some of my best and worst moments of the semester.

Despite any hardships that I may have faced this semester, I wanted to say that I have never been happier. Coming to George Washington University is one of the best decisions I've ever made and I'm so grateful that I decided to come here over any of my other options. During the first few weeks of the semester, I was having the time of my life. I loved meeting new people and going out on the weekends with my friends. My classes appeared to be relatively easy, though it was only the start of the semester so I shouldn't have based my opinion on that, that's a lesson I learned the hard way. Overall, college allowed me to come out of my shell. As a relatively introverted person in high school, this new environment allowed me to flourish and embrace my inner big mouth (speaking of if you haven't seen that show, you really should).

After the first few weeks of the semester, though, I found myself starting to struggle. While I wasn't struggling a lot, it was enough to stress me out. The classes that I wrote off as easy began to pile on the work and as someone who procrastinates, I found it difficult to catch up with the rest of my peers. This led to some long nights which usually involved at least one crying session. Thankfully, with the support of my roommates, I was able to get back on my game and overcome my troubles.

As the semester closes, I've learned that at times college is going to be really difficult. Sometimes it'll feel as if the work assigned is impossible to do. However, if you believe in yourself and your ability, you'll most definitely be able to get through it.