What The First Two Weeks Of Sorority Life Are Really Like

What The First Two Weeks Of Sorority Life Are Really Like

I didn't realize that it would be this stressful.

Molly Bookoff

Going into college, I always knew that I wanted to get involved in greek life. I watched my older siblings and family friends go through the process at other universities and they all had amazing, unique experiences. Ultimately, they made unforgettable memories and found lifelong friends and sisters (or brothers) along the way.

Once recruitment rolled around, I felt very anxious to get the process started, so that I could finally be in a sorority. I realized how glad I was that I chose a school where going greek is a big part of student life, but not too intense or overwhelming in the grand scheme of things. After a long, exhausting week of small talk, waiting around, and meeting countless people whose names I often forgot, I finally found my home in a sorority.

For those of you who have gone through recruitment and joined a sorority, you know that the new member period is a fun-filled time with mixers, date parties, pledge class bonding activities, and meeting your new sisters. However, this period is also pretty stressful when you have to balance weekly new member meetings and required events with school work and social life.

At my first new member meeting, they gave us a large packet filled with information that was both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I instantly flipped to the back of the packet to check the calendar, scanning for all of the planned events of the semester. However, noticing that we had mandatory 2-hour events and meetings multiple times a week began to worry me. I suddenly wasn't sure if I would be able to balance sorority life and social life on top of my academics.

Now I am almost two weeks into sorority life and I've already met so many new and friendly faces, whether they are girls in pledge classes above me or ones in my own pledge class, the new girls I have met, made me realize that enduring this hectic and time-consuming new member period will be worth it in the end.

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