15 Thoughts Everyone Has Their First Week Back In College

Although students expect syllabus week to be easy, there's still some parts of college life that will throw you off during your first week back.

1. I have to find food for myself.


Looks like I'll have to learn to cook, or it's take-out and dining hall food for the rest of the year.

2. Why is college so expensive.


It's fine I love paying hundreds of dollars for textbooks I will never use again.

3. Oh my gosh I am so busy.


How does one manage to balance homework, classes, clubs, and a social life?

4. I forget everything I learned last year.


Can we please review the entirety of the last course?

5. I should go to the gym.


Considering the amount of junk food I eat, it's that or only taking the stairs.

6. I miss my family


As much as I love being back in college, it's crazy to think about them being 60 minutes away instead of 5.

7. This is going to be a lot of work


Thank you, syllabi, for listing loads of work that I'm already planning on procrastinating.

8. Classes are so long


Especially when the room doesn't have a clock

9. I never want to do laundry


I'll just keep a mountain of dirty clothes under my bed thank you very much

10. Why did I schedule so many 8 AMs?


Better question, why do I hate myself?

11. Is this Bachelor's Degree worth it?


I could probably still have a nice career in the food service industry.

12. How are people already sick?


iT's NoT a cOlD iT's AlLerGieS

13. Maybe this year I'll start my coffee addiction


Anything to stay awake for over five minutes.

14. I never want to leave my room


Even getting out of bed is tough.

15. I actually kind of missed this

It's been a long summer away, and even though it's going to be hard it's good to be back.

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