My First UVA Basketball Game

For every first-year at the University of Virginia, the first home basketball game is a magical experience. Football is fun and all, but basketball is a whole different arena (literally). Walking to John Paul Jones Arena, I was more excited than I could explain. First of all, I ran there, and I don't run, so you could say I was pretty excited. As I was heading to the game, seeing the massive JPJ get closer and closer was a feeling of pure joy and excitement I can honestly say I haven't felt since I've gotten to school.

1. "What entrance do I go to?"


I probably looked like a very confused first-year, and I was. The student entrance was actually the easiest to find, but I was too excited to think clearly.

2. "Where am I supposed to sit?"


I didn't want to miss tip-off, so I frantically ran around until I could find a seat. I ended up in between a bunch of old people, so I'm not sure I was in the right place.

3. "Oh my god, it's starting."


I might have stopped breathing.

4. "What time does Panera close?"


Okay, yes I am a true fan, but in the midst of being so excited for the game I forgot to eat before.

5. "Thank god we won. I might've died if we didn't."


Basketball season is going to be truly awesome, and maybe even the highlight of my first year at UVA.


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